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Complex Ad Hoc Data Analyses


Managing conflicting priorities along the supply chain is already a daily task for leading companies. What with increasing complexity, speed, data volumes, more demanding clients, and limited resources, supply chain managers are facing enormous pressure to maintain a balance between operational efficiency, perfect order dispatch, and flexibility along the supply chain. Profitability and cost management take top priority, followed by supply chain flexibility and the need to fulfill client requirements.

With platbricks Analytics, complex data analyses can be performed on a regular basis and ad hoc, meaning informed decisions can be made. It integrates Advanced Analytics into the platbricks modules and analyzes, visualizes, and integrates exactly what your company needs. Thanks to a complete SaaS approach, you only pay for what you really need.


  • Path-optimized article analysis
  • KPI cockpit for the supply chain
  • ABC analyses per product, client, and supplier
  • Detailed productivity and root cause analysis
  • Comprehensive display of current productivity
  • Comparison of the current KPIs with previous weeks or previous months
  • Analyses of order loads
  • Location comparisons based on defined key performance indicators
  • Multidimensional root cause analysis of the factors influencing productivity
  • Personnel capacity analysis
  • Process cost evaluation per employee, product, and client
  • Individual reports


Intuitive operation and optimized display for mobile devices
Easy connection to external data sources
Appealing and clear visualization options
High scalability in terms of users and data volumes
Consumption-oriented and transparent price model

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