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Container Management

Ensure maximum transparency in the container cycle


Seamless Tracking of Containers


Nowadays, companies have a large number of suppliers and therefore a large number of container variants. The absolute number of containers has also increased significantly. This results in a lack of transparency regarding container movements and inventories. Since containers are usually purchased, they represent a significant portion of the company’s balance sheet. Scheduling containers correctly is an essential part of lean management concepts, since products cannot be provided to product lines without containers.  


Companies need transparency when it comes to container inventories and movements so that production does not have to be stopped due to inventory shortages; the right container can always be scheduled, and each container can be tracked seamlessly. platbricks Container Management ensures the seamless tracking of containers and synchronizes container cycles with the production plan.


platbricks Container Management manages and optimizes the internal and external container flows, and enables them to be executed with smart wearables.

The essential components in the control center are:

  • Basic Analytics
  • Order Manager
  • Resource Manager
  • Scheduling
  • Inventory management
  • Account management
  • Goods receipt
  • Goods issue
  • Master data management
  • App (Android, iOS) for mobile devices
  • Container accounts and inventories are updated in real time after each handling process and made available to the relevant stakeholders
  • Track & Trace all container movements
  • Scheduling monitor and ordering system for containers
  • Monitoring/dashboards for all relevant KPIs such as throughput times, inventories, consumption, shrinkage, and so on
  • Requirements forecasting
  • Master data management of container types, accounts, suppliers, company structures, and much more
  • Mobile entry masks for goods receipt, goods issue, stock transfer, production supply/disposal, inventory, damage recording
  • Inventory comparison with partners
  • Standard interfaces to IT systems
  • Add multiple optimizations and evaluations by integrating the platbricks Analytics add-on
  • Flexible expansion and integration of the platbricks WMS module


platbricks functions independent of manufacturer and hardware.


Full transparency of internal and external container movements
Optimization of the container inventory and container types
Optimization of the delivery of the right container to the right place
Flexible addition of partners, participants
Intuitive user interface and real-time capability

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Michael Dreimann
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