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Innovative Warehouse Solutions

Your Warehouse Combines in one Software

Constant Change

The dynamism of the ‘on-demand’ world has brought changes to logistics. Order quantities continue to fall while the delivery frequency is rising. Optimal warehouse utilization, efficient stock rotations, increased speed, and enhanced transparency are therefore becoming increasingly important. Today’s modern, complex warehouse and distribution centers as well as warehouses held by SMEs need far more than the classic basic functions of a warehouse management system: Support for goods receipt and issue, stock management, and inventory management as well as advanced functions for controlling complex processes such as return processing or multi-customer warehouses are increasingly important.

SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)

SAP offers SAP EWM, a proven and future-proof warehouse management solution with a performance capability that significantly exceeds the LES (Logistics Execution System) SAP module. SAP EWM is the cutting-edge warehouse management software for your entire supply chain. The main components – warehouse management and material flow control in SAP MFS (SAP Material Flow System) – provide you with the best support when it comes to processing all movements of goods and managing inventories through to the warehouse level. SAP EWM allows you to benefit from efficient wave planning for your picking processes and storage and removal strategies for optimal utilization, as well as flexible processes through process- and layout-oriented warehouse management, including a warehouse management monitor. A forklift control system, the handling unit management, and material flow control (MFC), which does away with the need for a separate material flow computer, are fully integrated. Due to its modular structure, SAP EWM is suitable for the automated control of large logistics centers as well as for smaller warehouses. In addition to the standard features of SAP EWM, we have developed specialized modules such as the integrated material flow system, process- and layout-oriented warehouse management, and the Mobisys Solution Builder for mapping mobile processes.

SAP WM (Warehouse Management)

SAP Warehouse Management (WM) provides proven support in the processing of all internal movements of goods and managing inventories in the warehouse.
For many years, we have been optimizing and implementing internal and external customer requirements in warehouse management, and we have developed a number of additional functions in this area.
SAP will discontinue the rights of use for the Warehouse Management (WM) software component at the end of 2025. As such, SAP WM clients must decide whether to operate the successor product, SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM), independently or to switch to SAP S4/HANA with integrated EWM components.

We support you in evaluating your existing and future system landscape, including business processes, and in migrating from SAP WM to EWM. We have developed an agile, highly efficient method for doing so. Last but not least, you will also receive reliable calculation and planning (duration, cooperation, and budget) for your EWM roll-out.

Value Center EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)

Rolling out SAP EWM typically requires a comprehensive theoretical concept. Following the migration from WM to EWM in keeping with the Arvato Systems Factory approach, the SAP EWM specialists from our Value Center identify and tap new business potential together with your team.

Benefit From Our Expertise in Warehouse Management


Ensures seamless integration of upstream and downstream business processes in SAP ERP ECC 6.0 and SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management

Project Cycles

Short roll-out times through the use of documented template processes for the core processes of goods receipt, warehouse and inventory management, and goods issue


Tried-and-tested, standardized, and easy-to-understand working base that allows specialist departments to be directly involved


Accelerated process workflows alongside minimized risks


Custom developments and specific process mapping adapted in keeping with your requirements


Analysis, implementation, and consulting from experienced logistics consultants

Optimizing Your Logistics

Capacity Planning

Multi-order Picking

Package Optimization

Capacity Planning

Our solution for capacity planning in goods receipt provides you with an overview of expected and implemented goods receipts, among other things. The capacity information illustrated supports scheduling when planning goods receipts to optimally utilize warehouse capacities. In addition, this module provides an overview of the number of free warehouse spaces grouped according to the type of warehouse space and helps scheduling set priorities for purchase orders.

Your benefits:

Goods receipt

  • Acceleration of goods receipt processes by avoiding delays, stall fees, and out-of-stock situations
  • Prioritization of purchase orders according to free capacities
  • Assigning optimal delivery times for suppliers
  • Subsequent checking of goods receipts
  • Overview provides information on short- to long-term personnel planning in goods receipt


  • Capacity planning in the warehouse provides an overview of the number of free warehouse spaces grouped according to the type of warehouse space for several distribution centers
  • Prioritization of orders according to free warehouse capacities
  • No warehouse overfills
  • No delays in the goods receipt process

Multi-order Picking

The Multi-order Picking module expands your existing SAP EWM with a flexible and configurable solution to pick several delivery orders in one warehouse order. Our multi-order picking solution is based on a two-stage wave concept, consisting of a systemically mapped outline and detailed planning that supplements your SAP EWM, enabling the highest degree of flexibility in daily operations.

The multi-order picking solution from Arvato Systems includes:

  • Two-stage wave concept for picking
  • Individually configurable logic for the creation of pick handling units
  • Scenario-based logic to adjust the picking logic to the different load and capacity situations in the warehouse
  • Adjustment to every warehouse process through freely defined master data
  • Enables the structure of pick orders created to be adjusted to the volumes as well as to daily workflows in the warehouse
  • Time and calendar-based ‘scheduler’ to manage the automatic picking orders system in the background

Intelligent SAP Add-on for ‘Real’ Pick and Pack

Optimize your picking process with the Package Optimizer from Arvato Systems. We collaborated with Fraunhofer IML to develop this package optimization solution, which determines the optimal shipping container before picking starts. Thanks to optimized ‘prepacking’ in the SAP system, it is possible to arrange shipping objects before picking begins. This is an important prerequisite for ‘real’ pick and pack. Arvato’s Package Optimizer 2.0 solution can be implemented as an add-on in SAP Warehouse Management (WM) or SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), as well as in SAP Transport Management (TM). The Package Optimizer 2.0 from Arvato can be adjusted to a variety of client-specific parameters to take groupings, handling of hazardous materials, etc. into account.

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