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SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)

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Our Four Pillars
SAP BTP Certification

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)

The cloud-based SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) combines application development, automation, data management, analytics and planning, integration, and AI features in a unified environment optimized for SAP applications. This allows companies to respond to contemporary requirements and transform or create new business processes to achieve their digital transformation goals.

As a permanent instrument of Arvato Systems, we use SAP BTP to meet customer and market requirements in a flexible way. Established SAP BTP technologies and in-house developments are anchored in our consulting and innovation portfolio and represented by various functional areas.

SAP BTP - Our Four Pillars

Analytics & Data Management

SAP BTP provides a broad range of data management and analytics capabilities enabling organizations to integrate, store, catalog, prepare, model, and share data - inside and outside the enterprise. In addition, SAP BTP provides a coordinated data model that connects disconnected data across the business process - with powerful database, data management, data warehousing, analytics, and planning capabilities.


Automating business processes can increase business efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the quality of products or services. Automation is beneficial beyond those areas where repetitive tasks must be performed manually. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), companies are enabled to automate more complex tasks. For example, by analyzing large amounts of data, AI systems can identify patterns and make predictions to automate processes such as risk management.

Extension Suite

As a specialized component of the SAP Business Technology Platform for developers, the Extension Suite provides various tools and services to create extensions for SAP systems. These extensions can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and include features such as integrating data from different sources, creating custom interfaces, and automating business processes. Using the Extension Suite, companies can adapt their SAP systems to their specific business requirements and make their IT infrastructure more flexible and agile.

Integration Suite

The Integration Suite provides various tools and functions for monitoring, managing, and securing integration processes, as well as automating business processes. In addition, using the Integration Suite, companies can deploy APIs to easily integrate with customers and partners. This enables companies to connect different applications, data sources and systems to ensure smooth business processes.

SAP BTP Certified
How We Create Added Value for You

At Arvato Systems, we offer comprehensive IT expertise, a high level of technical understanding, in-depth industry knowledge, and many years of experience with partnership in action. We are one of only three companies worldwide certified by SAP as an outsourcing partner for the operation of the SAP Business Technology Platform. This combination enables us to support our customers in implementing SAP BTP to achieve maximum business value. This award is the result of an early, innovative, and qualitative performance at the level of:

  • BTP Service Portfolio
  • Competencies & Certifications
  • BTP Setup & Projects
  • BTP Integrations, Data-2-Value Processes, Extensibility
  • Project Management
  • Quality & Competence Management
  • Service Management 

SAP Business Technology Platform As a Central Catalyst for Your Business

Modern Paas Solution
Demand-Driven Access
Better Business Decisions Based on Targeted Data Analysis
Flexibility in Programming Language and Development Tools
Strategic Competitive Differentiation through Technological Edge
Reduced Project Runtimes and Cost Reduction Compared to Previous Projects
Mit InPack Prozesse im internen Paketmanagement transparent gestalten

Transparency in Internal Package Management Processes with InPack

We have developed InPack, a simple and efficient standard solution that increases transparency in internal parcel management and reduces administrative costs - based on SAP BTP.

Frequently Asked Questions about SAP BTP

  • The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is SAP's powerful cloud-based platform and offers a wide range of services and tools for developing, deploying, and managing applications and business processes. Full integration of SAP landscape enables seamless access to other SAP solutions.

    SAP BTP helps companies transform digitally and respond quickly and flexibly to changes in their industry.

  • The services and functions of SAP Cloud Platform, as a PaaS offering from SAP, are now an essential part of SAP BTP. Only the brand name is no longer used as part of the strategic alignment.

  • Where Is SAP BTP Provided?

    Users decide for themselves whether to use the SAP Data Center or one of the major hyper scalers, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.

  • The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) offers a wide range of features and services to companies seeking to digitize and optimize their business processes. The platform is suitable for companies of all sizes and industries that either already use SAP software or plan to use it in the future.

    Specifically, companies benefit from SAP BTP if they:

    • want to manage their data in real-time: SAP BTP provides powerful data processing. This enables companies to collect, process and analyze data in real-time. This helps companies make quick decisions and optimize their business processes.
    • want to drive the Digital Transformation of their business processes: Numerous tools and services from SAP BTP help companies digitize and automate their business processes. They can work more efficiently and save valuable resources.
    • want to better understand their customers: By using SAP BTP, companies can collect and analyze customer information in real-time to develop a better understanding of their customers. This helps companies improve their products and services and develop targeted marketing campaigns.
    • want to modernize their IT infrastructure: SAP BTP provides a cloud-based infrastructure that helps companies modernize and simplify their IT systems. This allows them to save costs and respond more flexibly to changes in the market. 
  • By using the SAP Business Technology Platform, various business processes can be optimized, such as:

    • Data management: the platform enables effective management of data in real-time, which helps companies make faster decisions and optimize their business processes.
    • Automation: SAP BTP offers various automation tools to help companies reduce manual processes and save time and costs.
    • Integration: SAP BTP enables seamless integration of different IT systems and applications, which helps companies simplify their business processes and increase efficiency.
    • Customer management: By using SAP BTP, companies can collect and analyze customer information in real-time to better understand their customers and develop targeted marketing campaigns.
    • Innovation management: SAP BTP provides a platform for companies to test and implement new innovations to improve their business processes and remain competitive.

    SAP BTP can help companies optimize their business processes, save costs, and increase efficiency.

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How SAP BTP Is Powering Sustainable Digital Transformation

The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) combines application development, integration, data and analytics, and AI in a single, flexible platform that empowers the enterprise to re-engineer or create new business processes and continually innovate and transform to meet its goals.

Arvato Systems achieved SAP® certification for outsourcing partners in SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) operations. Arvato Systems is currently one of only three SAP partners worldwide to have passed the audit and achieved this certification. This SAP certification further strengthens Arvato Systems’ capabilities and portfolio to offer managed services for SAP BTP operations.

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