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Amazon Connect: The AI Revolution Is Already Here

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Amazon Connect Improves Customer Contact through AI
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AI and ML open up completely new possibilities in the call center. Through the use of AI Amazon Connect significantly increases the efficiency of customer contact. Amazon is now also making its Large Language Models and Generative AI productive in the contact center in the form of a whole series of plugins.

It is not least the Large Language Models (LLM)also known as large language models, which are set to revolutionize customer contact. Such an LLM is a deep learning language model that has been trained in advance on huge amounts of data. The great strength of these AI models is that they understand natural human language - and can produce it themselves. The corresponding Generative AI-solutions are currently the talk of the town: Their linguistic competence is so convincing that their utterances or texts are virtually indistinguishable from those of a human.

This opens up previously unimagined possibilities for communication with customers, for contact centers and chatbots alike. The fast, automated understanding and generation of speech can provide agents in the contact center with crucial support in their work. The result: increased efficiency in customer communication. Not only does this make contact centers more productive, it also improves the customer experience and increases customer satisfaction. This is because the use of AI makes customer communication both faster and of a higher quality.

Available for a Long Time: Highly Productive AI Plugins for Amazon Connect

With its Amazon Connect, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the first provider of a cloud-based contact center that is already making the diverse possibilities of AI support usable today. AWS has created a sophisticated large language model that forms the basis for Amazon's generative AI solution called Bedrock, among other things. The Amazon Lex conversational bot also uses the language skills of Amazon's LLM. There is already a whole range of different plugins with AI functionality for the cloud-based contact center solution Amazon Connect. Thanks to their enormous AI-based language expertise, these tools can provide users and agents with significant support and relief. They are also able to support managers with analyses and improve quality management. Last but not least, AI takes the customer self-service experience to an unprecedented level.

Very few call center managers know what Amazon Connect already makes possible. But the fact is: with Amazon Connect, the revolution is no longer just around the corner - it has already happened. It's high time to take a closer look at the various AI plugins already available for Amazon Connect.


Amazon Connect Voice ID: authenticate customers by voice

Voice ID is an Amazon Connect feature that uses machine learning to authenticate callers in real-time, minimizing the risk of fraud. Instead of going through a cumbersome query process, Amazon Connect Voice ID analyzes the unique characteristics of a caller's voice. This allows agents and interactive voice response (IVR) systems to make a real-time decision about the caller's identity. Voice ID is faster, and more accurate, and verification costs far less than before.


Amazon Connect Customer Profiles: Understanding customers individually

Customer Profiles enable your agents to personalize customer interactions automatically and in real-time. The tool provides customer information from various applications and databases throughout the company (including the CRM) in the contact center, synchronizes it automatically, and displays the appropriate, unified profile in real-time by matching customer identifiers such as telephone number or email address. This gives agents a complete overview of all relevant customer information in a single place. Generative AI combines customer information, such as current product orders, with contact history information, such as transcripts or customer sentiment. This enables a personalized service that is particularly fast and satisfying for the customer.


Amazon Q in Connect: bundled AI knowledge for customer questions

"Q in Connect" is a further development of Amazon Connect Wisdom. Amazon Q in Connect uses Generative AI to support your agents in real-time. During the conversation, the tool suggests specific answers to your agents' customer questions or even actions that match the query. Agents no longer have to search through distributed knowledge sources laboriously, be they knowledge articles, wikis, or FAQs. Amazon Q in Connect can find the company content relevant to the query during the real-time conversation with the customer. This allows the tool to automatically recommend what agents should say or what action they should take. Amazon Q in Connect will also enable agents to use natural language to conduct their own searches, quickly finding the correct answers to the customer's needs across all connected knowledge sources. In short, Q in Connect makes your agents smarter.


Amazon Connect with Amazon Lex: Automated customer dialog

Amazon Lex is the name of the AI-supported chatbot for Amazon Connect. Whether by text input or by spoken language (as an IVR system): The significant advantage of Amazon Lex is that this conversational bot uses Generative AI and can understand the meaning and context of customer queries and statements. Instead of using predefined answers, this voice bot has an honest conversation with customers and responds to their questions meaningfully and targeted. With the help of the intelligently acting bot, the self-service rate can be significantly increased, the contact center can be relieved, and customer satisfaction can be increased simultaneously.


Amazon Connect Contact Lens: quality and analysis for managers

Contact Lens is a tool that uses generative AI to summarize and meaningfully document conversations just a few seconds after the contact. This subsequently increases productivity because relevant details can be easily accessed in the future. This eliminates the need for conversation notes created by the agents themselves. Amazon Connect Contact Lens captures the details of how the customer issue was addressed, key moments in the conversation, and follow-up activities. For contact center managers, Contact Lens is also an excellent tool for analysis and quality assurance. Contact Lens makes your contact center better.

Don’t Blindly Build on AI Hype, Take a Strategic Approach

These examples show: With Amazon Connect, the AI revolution has definitely arrived in the contact center. Nevertheless, it remains important not to blindly trust the AI hype. Before you implement a tool, you should first think through what it is useful for in your specific case and what you can improve by implementing it. Do you want faster customer communication? Do you want to improve the quality of service and customer advice? Or can you perhaps exploit completely new possibilities in your situation with the AI plugins and establish completely new processes? You should therefore first ask yourself the strategic and technical questions: How can the tool provide support and what can you actually achieve with it? Because despite all the AI buzz, the old rule still applies: first comes the process, then the tool. We will be happy to advise you on which of the AI plug-ins for Amazon Connect can be used profitably in your application scenarios - only then should you move on to implementation.

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