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When we conduct a free infrastructure assessment with AWS OLA at your site, we're not just about discovery. We want to make the analysis productive by advising you on cloud migration and cloud-native applications.


The AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA for short) from Amazon Web Services has been available since the end of last year. As an AWS Advanced Partner, we have been using the possibilities of the OLA program for our customers since March 2023. Experience from several customer projects shows that using the analysis software to estimate the costs for a Lift&Shift scenario is absolutely worthwhile. Our services go far beyond discovering servers, applications, utilization, and licenses (especially Microsoft licenses). For us, the focus of an OLA project is always on the benefits our customers can derive from it for their cloud strategy. The cost shift from capital expenditures (in-house servers) to operating expenditures (cloud services) often has considerable advantages.

Our Special OLA Consulting Package: Complete, Competent and Free of Charge

That is why it is important to us that our OLA package is free of charge for you and, above all, comprehensive. Our services include setting up the AWS OLA software, analyzing your IT, and advising you on how to make the most of the insights it provides. After the analysis, we consider it crucial to advise you on migrating and planning the move to the cloud. In addition, we show you your options about cloud-native applications. We do not limit ourselves to the AWS cloud - we have know-how in many robust technologies and a distinctive ecosystem with further partners such as Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

Comprehensive Inventory of Your IT Infrastructure

Our AWS OLA analysis project, including infrastructure assessment and migration proposals, usually requires three to five person days on the part of Arvato Systems and half a person day at the analyzed company. Experience shows that the AWS OLA analysis is worthwhile if your IT infrastructure has a size of at least 100 servers or virtual machines or more. First, we install the OLA software in your data center. This immediately starts with the inventory of your IT infrastructure. The OLA analysis records all your servers, applications, licenses, and utilization. The AWS OLA Report reports on each of your machines - and immediately shows you which instance types would be involved if you wanted to migrate them to the AWS Cloud.


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Evaluate migrating your Microsoft Windows workloads to improve security and optimize your costs.

Not Uncommon: 30% Of Servers Unused, 40% Oversized

The AWS OLA analysis opens up fascinating insights, especially if you have servers with relatively low utilization because virtual machines are often switched off for a long time. Over four to six weeks, we provide you with weekly so-called Quick Insight Reports - a short DIN A4 summary. At the end of our analysis project, there is a detailed presentation of the results. However, this includes not only percent of your infrastructure assessment - we also present the possibilities that a cloud migration opens up in your specific case. The inventory may reveal, for example, that a company is perhaps not using 30 per cent of its servers at all. In comparison, another 40 percent of its servers are underutilized and thus oversized. Experience shows that with several 200 to 1,000 servers in the company, there is a danger that a distinct shadow of IT has grown over time. That's why our subsequent cloud readiness analysis determines what of your infrastructure you can switch off, what is better moved to the cloud - and which of your applications it makes sense to lift into the cloud.

Does Your MS Volume Licence Agreement Fit?

Regardless of whether you are running Microsoft or Linux servers, With the OLA analysis, we show you very quickly whether the number of Microsoft licenses matches that included in your volume licensing contract. The additional components, such as SQL servers, are also interesting because they are licensed per CPU core - but their number is often lower than was provided for in the contract. Incidentally, many Microsoft volume licensing contracts can continue in the AWS cloud. However, it is then essential that the corresponding license mobility is already anchored in the existing Microsoft volume license contract and that there is an active maintenance contract with Microsoft.

The Unique Cloud Readiness Analysis From Arvato Systems

Finding out which IT infrastructure is not even needed in the company or is notoriously underutilized reveals the first potential savings. The infrastructure assessment is the first immediate benefit of the AWS OLA analysis. But with us, an OLA analysis project goes one significant step further: we provide a cloud readiness analysis showing which workloads are worth migrating to the cloud. Our analysis also reveals which applications you can particularly benefit from a cloud-native approach. Our OLA project is more than an inventory - it shows you the way forward for your IT.

The most important advantages of our free OLA package

AWS OLA with Arvato Systems benefits you in many ways. You will learn:


  • what IT infrastructure do you have in place,
  • what shadow IT exists in your organisation,
  • whether it is still worthwhile to carry out the hardware generation change, which is often due after 5 to 7 years, and within what framework,
  • which servers and virtual machines are redundant,
  • whether your licences fit your needs,
  • which parts of your infrastructure would be better off in the cloud,
  • where you already have cloud readiness,
  • what concrete possibilities do cloud-native applications open up in your case,
  • the benefits of the cost shift from CapEx to OpEx associated with cloud migration.

The Goal: The Cloud Strategy for the Future of Your Business

When we conduct a free AWS OLA project for you, we must combine your infrastructure assessment with a cloud readiness analysis. We want to provide you with a complete picture, from the inventory of your infrastructure to migration planning for the future of your business.

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