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What is Google BigQuery?

Modern Data Warehouse Management from the Google Cloud

What is BigQuery?
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Data is the fuel for today's economy and the foundation of many business models. With Google BigQuery, a modern, cloud-based data warehouse solution, Arvato Systems helps companies gain actionable insights from their ever-growing data volumes - and reduce costs in the process.

What Is the Purpose of a Modern Data Warehouse?

The amount of business and customer-related data that companies produce and have at their disposal is constantly growing. Therefore, CIOs are under increasing pressure to use this data to derive insights for their business - a real challenge given the sheer volume of data. However, what companies really need from their data warehouse is holistic data analysis and competitive advantages derived from it that can be implemented immediately.

Google BigQuery as a Cloud-Based Data Warehouse Solution

At the heart of a Google Data Warehouse is BigQuery - a tool that can process gigabyte- to petabyte-sized amounts of streaming data at amazing speeds. It can automate data delivery to the warehouse and make insights accessible. In addition, the fast in-memory business intelligence (BI) engine enables faster reporting and analysis.

Advantages of Google BigQuery

Breaks down data silos and provides a 360-degree view of the business
Situationally aware users identify and respond to business events in real time
A clear view enables data-driven decisions across the enterprise
Gain predictive insights faster
Simple and powerful data security and management 

BigQuery Addresses Enterprise Data Problems

The Google BigQuery solution is adapted to the business needs of companies: It collects all relevant data in one place, provides instant information, looks into the future, and provides answers to urgent questions, enabling real-time business insights. In short, it addresses the biggest data management challenges companies face:

  • Business demands and ever-increasing volumes that exceed IT capacity and operational budgets.
  • Data that is unstructured and often scattered across multiple platforms but needed in real-time at headquarters.
  • Different numbers for the same issue.
  • Enormous costs incurred by on-premise data warehouses.
  • Existing solutions do not allow for future forecasting or personalized recommendations.

Organizations benefit tremendously from this cloud-based data warehouse solution that helps them manage the vast amounts of data they collect, generate significantly improved insights while better allocating their resources and budget.

BigQuery: Modern Data Warehouse Management with Google

Improve your performance with modern data warehouse management. Learn more about Google BigQuery and the services of Arvato Systems.

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