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Wir bieten in unserem Frauennetzwerk von Arvato Systems Raum für Dialog, Innovation und Kooperation.

Women in IT

herSystemS: women create digital together 

Stefan Felix (1)

Our Network of Women at Arvato Systems


With the foundation of our women's network herSystemS in July 2019, we have created a virtual as well as a real space for our female colleagues in which they can enter into dialogue with each other, inspire each other, cooperate and support each other in their (professional) development. Outside of Arvato Systems, we would also like to engage in an exchange with women in MINT professions (mathematics, internet, natural science and technology), to be inspired, to discuss, and to support and network with each other. 

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Diversity is an important part of our corporate culture. We value diversity and equal opportunities and actively promote them within our company. Our goal as an employer is to create the freedom for our employees to live out their own personality with pleasure in their professional activities. I am certain that our women's network herSystemS will provide us with valuable impetus for promoting women in our company. herSystemS thus offers the opportunity to further promote gender diversity at Arvato Systems and to contribute to increasing the proportion of women, especially in management and expert positions.

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Network Activities

At herSystemS every employee has the opportunity to contribute with her personal interests and strengths and according to her own possibilities. herSystemS lives from the ideas and inspirations of its members, therefore the possibilities for participation are individual and diverse just like our employees themselves. They range from participating in discussions in our virtual network, posting exciting articles and contributions to organising events and participating in herSystemS events, lectures, workshops, network meetings and working groups.

herSystemS Events

We regularly organize herSystemS events from our network with different focus topics. Our first own event, the herSystemS kick-off event, took place on September 5th in Gütersloh on the topic "AI & Diversity".

Exciting Lectures

In our network we offer exciting lectures on a variety of topics at regular intervals. The invited speakers are colleagues from Arvato Systems and Bertelsmann, as well as external experts on current innovative topics.

Network mMeeting

On various dates throughout the year, we meet at our locations or at external locations for joint activities, such as a herSystemS lunch in our canteen, in order to network and exchange information in a relaxed atmosphere.


Increasing our share of women in management positions and as subject matter experts globally and leveling out historical imbalances is a very relevant aspect for a successful future for Arvato Systems. 

With herSystemS, we have another channel that promotes a free and unhindered exchange as well as relationship and network building, through and with which many successful impulses have already been set.

Arvato Systems Group

Our Goals

herSystemS Creates Inspiration

With the help of our network we record the wishes and ideas of our employees. We take these as inspiration to identify and implement measures to promote diversity in our company.

herSystemS Simplifies Networking

Through our network, we want to promote dialogue among our employees and throughout the company and encourage a company-wide exchange on diversity issues. To this end, we organize a variety of network meetings (e.g. joint lunches, working groups, lectures and our own herSystemS events).

herSystemS Provides Support

In our network we would like to promote and simplify the mutual support of the employees among themselves. To this end, we offer our employees a wide range of services.

herSystemS Makes a Change

Through our network activities (e.g. working groups on topics such as "Recruiting", "Leadership & Personnel Development" and "Working Models") we want to formulate suggestions to perspectively increase the proportion of women in our total workforce and in particular in management positions in our company.

Your Contact for the women's network at Arvato Systems

Stefan Felix (1)
Stefan Felix
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