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Data & AI increasingly play a central role in the media industry. The abundance of available data and the progress of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies pose new challenges while at the same time enabling opportunities for new business models. 


For example, analyzing media and user data can provide personalized content and recommendations that improve the user experience and strengthen customer loyalty. Robotic process automation (RPA) and AI-based automation optimize content creation and make customer engagement more precise, while generative AI opens up entirely new avenues for creativity.

At the same time, integrating and processing the associated data volumes is becoming increasingly complex. The importance of data governance, protection, and security is increasing. New specialized skills are required. 


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Sucess Story Crimemap - Crime Statistics Visualized in Real Time

Initial Situation

In the USA, crime statistics are frequently processed in the form of crime maps, such as the Chicago Crime map. In contrast, obtaining data in Germany is more complicated. It was initially unclear whether a crime map could be implemented for a German city like Stuttgart since only official police press releases were available for the project.

The Vision

Together with the team of Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten, we set ourselves the goal of using artificial intelligence to extract, categorize and visualize all relevant content from these publicly available police reports to create a journalistically usable database for identifying relevant stories.

Our Solution

With the help of developed AI algorithms, thousands of police reports are analyzed to show the location and frequency of crimes, fires, and accidents in Stuttgart on an online city map. The resulting statistics are used by journalists for modern data journalism to research backgrounds and generate exclusive stories.

Benefits for You as a Media Company

Content Intelligence

By merging data & metadata across your media assets, we can jointly develop strategies to intelligently source and market content.

Audience Insights

Increase audience engagement by matching user and content profiles to provide customers with personalized content recommendations based on their interests.


Create customized customer experiences and content based on the individual preferences of their users.


Automate your media value chain from production to distribution end-to-end.

Responsible AI

Implement the latest AI frameworks according to ethical and regulatory standards.

Digital Data Privacy

Strengthen your data governance, establish internal standards for data collection, storage, processing and disposal with us.


Stuttgarter Nachrichten - with AI to the most modern data journalism

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