Sustainability in the Media Industry

From trend to unavoidable obligation

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Regardless of whether it's a radio or TV station, streaming service, publishing house, or print shop - the topic of sustainability is increasingly moving up the agenda in the media industry. Sustainability awards are presented at industry trade shows, and film and TV productions are advertised as "CO2-free. 


In times of climate crisis, proof that you have minimized your carbon footprint or are working on it is an asset that should not be underestimated. Switching from fossil fuels to renewables or reducing energy consumption is not only good for the environment and your image. They also reduce their cost burden and ensure they are not surprised by future statutory environmental standards. This is clear: In the foreseeable future, sustainability will become a non-negotiable obligation.

Use Case: Sustainability Management With green.screen

Your Challenge

How do you count kilowatt hours and CO2 emissions in media productions, products, and services holistically and verifiably? Energy is used in many places: in editorial and studio rooms, for administration, logistics and mobility, possibly for data centers, etc. All these puzzle pieces must be brought together to form a coherent overall picture, the sustainability report.

The Vision

Consumed kilowatt hours for electricity and heat, waste, and externally consumed energy, for example, through business trips, are recorded live decentrally for all trades of individual productions or the entire company, processed centrally and prepared, and the CO2 emissions caused are calculated and reported automatically. The carbon footprint of primary products is integrated automatically.

Our Solution

Our modular cloud-based platform green.screen enables comprehensive operational and strategic sustainability management. The platform automatically calculates CO2 equivalents and bundles the data into an overall carbon footprint. You receive complete and documentable transparency about the climate impact of companies or products at any time.

Benefits for You as a Media Company


You get transparency on energy use and carbon footprint at all times.

Vulnerability management

The small-scale monitoring of energy consumption reveals any weaknesses in operations and enables a continuous improvement process based on real data.

Looking ahead

Future legal environmental requirements are already being met today.


Image gain through documented sustainability.

Cloud-based platform

Easy onboarding and lean operation thanks to system provision in the cloud.

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