Robotics for Retail and Consumer Goods

Robotics Revolutionizes Warehousing, E-Commerce and Customer Service

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The use of robotics in the retail and consumer goods industry has increased significantly in recent years. From inventory management to customer delivery, robotics can play an important role in increasing productivity and reducing costs. It can perform a variety of tasks and is increasingly being used in stores, supermarkets and shopping centers, as well as in logistics to optimize the flow of goods and make operations more efficient. 

Automated Processes to Free up Human and Financial Resources

Your Challenges

Particularly in times of a shortage of qualified staff, error-prone tasks represent a major challenge for retailers - both online and in stationary retail. In order to save personnel and financial resources, automation processes are needed that support employees in retail and consumer goods manufacturing in typical tasks. 

The Vision

Typical process steps in warehousing, E-Commerce or production shall be supported in order to significantly reduce the time spent e.g. on sorting, packing and transporting goods. In addition, this should significantly increase staff capacity in the store business so that customers can be served more quickly and experience a better customer experience. 

Our Solution

Robotics can be used in a variety of ways: For example, mobile robots can be used to help customers find specific products or locate the desired area in a store. Warehouses can also use robotics to store and pick goods more quickly and efficiently. The result is greater accuracy in inventory management. 

Benefits for You as a Retailer or Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Creating personnel capacity

Robotics enables 24/7 processing and relieves employees of monotonous and physically demanding tasks. 

Accurately completing tasks

Robotics in retail helps reduce errors because it is programmed and specialized for your exact tasks.   

Higher level of quality

With robotics, you can automate and produce your products in larger quantities at a lower cost without  deviating in quality.  

Workplace safety

In hazardous environments, the risk of danger to your employees is minimized by using robotics. 

Customer satisfaction

Precision and speed also translate into satisfied customers and a better reputation for your company. 

Constant availability of goods

Ensure that goods are always available or automatically reordered through intelligent inventory management. 

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