Supply Chain in Retail and the Consumer Goods Industry

Optimized and Efficient Supply Chains Drive Sustainable Success. 

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The supply chain- the journey an item takes from manufacturer to customer- is crucial to a retailer's competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Effective supply chain management (SCM) is key. SCM strategies optimize supply chains and enable rapid response to market changes.   

They also help address challenges such as improving supply chain visibility, reducing supply bottlenecks, increasing flexibility, and implementing sustainability strategies. Retail and consumer goods companies with an optimized supply chain and well-organized fulfillment can also meet increasing market expectations for fast and reliable delivery. 

From Warehouse Management to Last Mile Delivery​

Your challenge

One challenge in optimizing supply chains is finding the right balance between customer needs and cost efficiency. Companies must develop effective and flexible strategies to respond quickly to changing demands. Collaboration with suppliers and manufacturers and process optimization are essential. 

The target picture

Professional coordination and agile alignment of supply chains with your customers' needs significantly increase planning reliability and contribution margins. At the same time, you reduce downtime, inventory costs, and the likelihood of delivery failures. In addition, you can avoid penalties on contractually guaranteed delivery dates and prices. 

Our solution

A data-driven, integrated supply chain with intelligent forecasting models can predict demand, optimize supply chains, minimize costs, and meet customer needs. Implementing powerful SCM software is essential. Automation technologies, AI, and robotics can complement your strategy as needed, further increasing your efficiency and flexibility. 

Benefits for You as a Retailer or Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Excellent customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction by proactively identifying bottlenecks, ensuring on-time delivery, and maintaining high product quality. 

Optimised inventory management

Optimize your inventory to keep enough goods on hand to meet current demand while eliminating unnecessary, capital-intensive inventory that could spoil. 

Transparency and control improvements

Plan production and delivery processes with real-time tracking. Make predictive decisions and reduce contingencies. 

Streamline collaboration

Improve collaboration with suppliers and customers by using real-time communications to manage data and documents. 

Accurate demand forecasting

Analyze historical data and trends to forecast future demand. These forecasts can be used to optimize inventory management. 

Quality improvement

High returns and poor repurchase rates can be the result of inadequate logistics performance. Efficient logistics processes can help. 


SAP on Azure Migration at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions
SAP S/4HANA for amor
SAP Transportation Management for TALKE

Our Services for Your Success

  • In the area of logistics IT, we support you in setting up and operating SAP partner solutions, in particular the integrated ERP system SAP S/4HANA. This innovative solution makes the procurement management of retail and consumer goods companies more transparent and efficient. Strong supplier management ensures the technical and economic optimization of the value chain, while active price and condition management increases the transparency and sensitivity of purchase prices. Supplemented by our in-house platform platbricks® and our Supply Chain Visibility solutions, you gain transparency across your entire supply chain, enabling you to holistically process and track goods ordering and procurement logistics, as well as the settlement of orders placed within the company. 

  • As a consumer goods manufacturer, you can optimize your production by implementing SAP S/4HANA. You can manage your bills of materials, organize the materials you need, and optimize your routing from raw materials to finished products. This ensures the smooth and efficient manufacture of your products. With SAP S/4HANA, you can also support your quality management by adjusting your processes to meet specified requirements and staying informed about times, quantities, qualities, or malfunctions. This allows you to compare your actual production data with your target values. 

  • As an IT logistics expert, we offer SAP and cloud solutions as well as state-of-the-art AI, big data and robotics solutions for the sustainable digitalization and automation of supply chain processes for retail and consumer goods companies. These include warehouse management with SAP EWM, transportation management with SAP TM, inventory management with the support of platbricks® and aroma®, including goods allocation, replenishment and stock transfers, as well as product tracking and monitoring with Arvato CSDB. In order to prevent supply bottlenecks and shorten transport routes, we also offer a particularly simple and efficient solution for setting up micro-depots with platbricks®. These serve as additional transshipment points for goods in urban areas and enable faster and more flexible delivery to customers. You save time, money and CO2 on the last mile and delight your customers with fast and efficient processes. 

  • Our platform solutions support the circular economy by connecting relevant stakeholders. platbricks® facilitates cooperation between collection points, recycling companies, and authorities to reduce your resource consumption and environmental impact. 

    With platbricks® and aroma®, we also offer you IT solutions for the ship-from-store concept: from the webshop to delivery to the customer, we manage the entire shipping process and thus strengthen your brick-and-mortar business. Our omnichannel platform, aroma®, can also support you with intuitive in-store tools to keep your inventory up to date at all touch points. Benefit from increased cost efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint by using your stores as shipping warehouses. 


White Paper "AI in Logistics"

In this white paper, we describe the importance of AI for the logistics industry, present some use cases, and provide tips and advice on what to consider when implementing AI solutions.

SAP Transformation in Logistics

The combination of S/4HANA and cloud-based applications creates flexibility in the logistics environment and helps close digitization gaps.

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