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Since 01.04.2024, the German energy market has taken a further step towards digitalization. The Applicability Statement 4 (AS4) protocol has become the technical standard for digital market communication (MaKo) and now ensures a higher security standard in data exchange. However, AS4 remains an important topic. The changeover phase for timetable management begins on 01.10.2024 and must be completed by 30.11.2024. From 01.12.2024, communication will only be permitted via the AS4 transmission path. Market communication for gas is also to be converted to AS4 on 01.10.2024. We are supporting the transformation of the energy market partners and allowing them to react flexibly to future implementation requirements.


The changeover so far has been a challenge for all market participants, raising questions and causing uncertainty. We, therefore, remain committed to ensuring that the changeover is as consistent and smooth as possible, and that the new market communication processes are as simple and automated as possible.

Legally Compliant Market Communication with AS4

Your challenge

Regular legal adjustments as part of the format changes and process adjustments are already tying up extensive resources at energy suppliers. Since 01.04.2024, the AS4 protocol has been the technical standard for electronic market communication for the majority of electricity formats and raises data exchange to a new level of security. For gas formats, the transition period for implementation starts on 01.10.2024. At the same time, data exchange in schedule management must also be implemented by 01.12.2024 in accordance with the current consultation version.

The Target Vision

​​We provide the technical and functional market communication for the regulated energy market. The AS4 team provides flexible support for different implementation approaches. It is possible to integrate all common backend systems. The hardware security modules are operated customer-oriented and provided according to the required transaction volume.​ 

Our Solution

We provide the technical and business mako for the regulated energy market. The AS4 team provides flexible support for different implementation approaches. It is possible to integrate all common backend systems. The hardware security modules are operated customer-oriented and provided according to the required transaction volume.

Advantages for You as an Energy Supplier


With our solutions for market communication, all regulatory data format adjustments are available on time - without additional effort. 


​​Our SaaS solutions for technical and business market communication, including the AS4 module with HSM, are provided in certified data centers.​ 


​​The best possible adaptability of our market communication solutions enables stable and seamless integration into existing application landscapes.​ 


With our open solution architecture, market communications systems can scale entirely according to individual performance requirements. 

Wide Range of Services

Our market communication solutions map the technical market communication for all market roles and the functional market communication for the most important market roles. 

​​User Friendliness​

The process-oriented representation creates the greatest transparency about the process flow and leads to rapid user adaptation and acceptance. 

AS4 Market Communication from Arvato Systems Is Available to Thüga Smartservice Customers

We have handed over an open-shift environment to Thüga SmartService GmbH and its customers. This enables them to fully meet all requirements for AS4-based processes in full and with maximum scalability. For our SaaS-operated MaKo solution with connected hardware security modules, switching to AS4 is possible at the touch of a button. 

Our Services for Your Success

  • Our technical market communication solution is an established, high-performance and stable solution that is already being used by more than 80 customers. It can be integrated into heterogeneous system environments and operated as an on-premise solution, in the cloud or as SaaS. Optionally, service components such as HSM as a Service and Commercial Mail can be added. The price depends on the number of metering locations (Melo). 

  • To ensure mapping of technical market communication for the market roles supplier (LIEF), a distribution network operator (VNB), metering point operator (MSB), and technical resource operator (BTR), we offer a scalable, high-performance, and at the same-time low-cost solution for various backend systems, including SAP S/4. We provide this solution, including technical market communication, as Software as a Service (SaaS). Here, the costs also depend on the number of metering locations. 

  • This application provides a separate module for technical market communication. With this module PARTIN data can be displayed and sent. It is a fast and efficient solution to simplify MaKo. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, market partner data can be easily displayed and sent without spending much time and effort. 

  • ​​This tool provides a simple and fast SaaS offering for creating, validating and sending EDIFACT messages in the respective valid format. This eliminates the need to know and understand the complex technical structure of EDIFACT formats. This offering is available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).​ 

  • The generation and validation of EDIFACT messages in the applicable format are a challenge for many companies. Our tool offers a simple solution to meet these regulatory requirements. The software enables the generation of EDIFACT messages that comply with the respective valid rules. At the same time, the validation of the files is ensured by an extensive check. 

  • For reliable archiving of ever-increasing message volumes, the right solution is essential. It is therefore important that you choose a suitable and reliable solution that meets your performance and stability requirements. With our archiving solution you will meet these conditions. 

Your Contact for Utilities

Patrick Knittel
Expert for MaKo processes