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What Is the Current Situation at Your Company?

Does your IT system landscape meet your requirements, or does it perhaps reduce dynamism and growth because certain functions are missing, obsolete, or other solutions are able to generate higher added value?
Use the system evaluation to find out how well prepared you are for current and future challenges in the energy industry. System evaluations are carried out regularly on the market. For that reason, it makes sense to place your trust in the established standard.

Our Digital Consulting Service for System Evaluations Supports You When Carrying Out an Independent Analysis of Your It Landscape

Make use of our expertise, digital consulting services, and standardized seven-step project strategy. We give you the tools you’ll need to complete a full system evaluation. This means that we provide you with a web-based project space where we make the relevant information and documents for each step of the process available centrally in digital format.

In this way, we demonstrate a fully developed and established approach with templates for a needs analysis, documentation on market requirements, and sample results and slides from past system evaluations.

For tech enthusiasts: The project space is made available for shared use as a Microsoft Teams space (this includes the SharePoint it runs on) for the duration of the project. This approach offers Office 365 users both ease of use and full compatibility with established systems.

Take advantage of a fully transparent process, enjoy fast and easy access to all the files you need, and make use of the many simple options to contact our team of consultants.

Get to know how we work and decide for yourself which content you would like to use. We are there to support you when carrying out your system evaluation.

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Stefan Uebe
Expert for digital strategy consulting
Stefan Herzog
Expert for digital strategy consulting