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SmartShift – The Smart Pathway to the Cloud

Smooth IT transformation to the private cloud

Ready For the Cloud?

Many roads lead to the cloud. But which is the right one? Using the ‘SmartShift’ approach, Arvato Systems leads companies on the path from business idea, to IT strategy, to implementation of an IT transformation.

Bring your company into the future – achieve your IT transformation during active operation

With the SmartShift approach, the transformation takes place step by step and factors in all levels based on your requirements – PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS. Many IT managers delay cloud transformation because they believe that the risk of carrying out a comprehensive transition is too high and because it is difficult to determine in advance whether or not it will be possible to achieve the desired results. The smart transformation process takes place step by step, thereby ensuring a low-risk transition. You as the client determine the speed of your individual transformation.

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This is how Arvato Systems brings you to the cloud on the smart way

IT transformation during ongoing operations

The smart approach utilizes a structural procedural model to analyze the status of your IT landscape with the goal of identifying the potential benefits of the cloud and evaluating the opportunities and risks. Together, we will identify the necessary cloud application areas and specialist requirements with the help of a specially developed cloud scoring model for multi-cloud businesses and harmonize these factors with your business strategy. The cloud heat map visualizes the application areas and helps you to evaluate the feasibility for your company.

How You Benefit From the SmartShift Approach

Customer chooses the speed of implementation
Step-by-step transition to IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
Self-service proposal and step-by-step scaling
Multi-cloud management
Transparency of costs and services
Security with regard to compliance guidelines

The SmartShift approach from Arvato Systems allows us to carry out our IT transformation during active operation. As a multi-platform cloud integrator, Arvato Systems provides us with a significant competitive advantage on the market and supports our strategic expansion.

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VMWare and Arvato Systems: A Strong Team

"SmartShift" approach by Arvato Systems

This is how the path from a classically operated IT infrastructure to a partially automated environment to a fully automated software-defined data center works.


IT transformations always constitute complex projects. Our goal is to make this transition an achievable objective by dividing it into manageable units and by concentrating on the most important aspects. VMWare gives us the flexibility to proactively control the status, performance, and capacity of IT services in a range of cloud environments.


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Arvato Systems Employee Sören Huehold
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