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Cyber Care Overview

A Complete Package Against Cyber Attacks? Sure!

Unfortunately, cyber attacks have been part of everyday IT life not only since yesterday. The more the advantages of digitalisation are used, the more attempts are made to penetrate IT systems, steal business-critical information or otherwise cause damage. Our Cyber Care offer helps you to set up your IT security professionally.

We Care About Your Cyber Security

Identifying weak points
Detect attacks
Take action

Our Cyber Care Range

At Arvato Systems, we go far beyond the classic core offering of a Security Operation Center (SOC).  The Arvato Systems Cyber Care concept includes protection through prevention, system monitoring and detection of specific attacks and professional response to these attacks. You always have the choice: whether you want a complete package or individual services - we will adapt to your specific needs. See for yourself!



Recognize risks before damage occurs

  • Systematic detection of security gaps

    Vulnerability Management serves to find and close existing security gaps in the IT infrastructure of companies. The systematic identification of areas of attack and the analysis of potential entry points for cyber criminals ensure that weak points can be identified and eliminated before hackers exploit them.

  • Know the current state of affairs

    During the risk assessment - the so-called "Compromise Assessment" - traces of possible intruders are searched for in the IT systems. The aim of the analysis is to find out whether cyber criminals have already been able to gain access to systems in the past.

  • Using expertise for your IT security

    IT and digitization are developing highly dynamically. Unfortunately, this also applies to cybercrime. That is why it is important to always be up to date here and to know how to protect yourself and where. We offer you tailor-made security consulting for this. From the first basic analysis and recommendations for action to continuous consulting services at regular intervals: The Arvato Systems Security expert team supports you and ensures that you are always up to date.

  • Classify your own security level - create transparency for customers

    Also in the security environment, it is always good to know how your company is positioned in comparison to others. However, such benchmarks also play an important role for your customers, as they enable an independent assessment of the IT security level of companies. The result: You yourself know how your security level is to be classified in the market and what you need to work on. And your (potential) customers know that you take a professional and above all transparent approach to IT security. A clear advantage when deciding for you as a company. Arvato Systems works together with leading providers in this area. We take care of the security rating and prepare the results in a clear and concise manner. And we provide you with the relevant recommendations for your further action so that you can maintain or improve your security score.


See what is currently going on in the IT landscape

  • Successful protection of end devices

    In order to ensure that the clients, for example the notebooks, PCs or smartphones of the users, are also protected in the best possible way, the topic of EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) comes into play. EDR makes it possible to analyze activities and events (logins, memory accesses, network connections, etc.) on a wide variety of end devices in order to identify cyber threats based on unusual behavior patterns. Here, the Arvato Systems team uses the latest high-tech solutions from renowned partners.

  • Control data streams in your own network

    The Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) is another security tool, but its focus is on continuously checking the data streams in a company's own network for anomalies. Here, too, the aim is to detect potential malicious activity and to report any anomalies automatically to the security analysts at the SOC.

  • Quickly identify potential threats

    As an IT security tool, Security Information & Event Management (SIEM for short) ensures that attacks are detected early on. The continuous automated analysis of data and events as well as their verification for meaningfulness helps to find potential threats. Conspicuous information collected by SIEM is forwarded to Arvato Systems experts at the Security Operations Center (SOC), who then examine it further.

  • Trust securily in top experts

    The actual security monitoring, i.e. the precise analysis of possible security incidents, is carried out by Arvato Systems Security Analysts in the SOC. These are an international team of excellently trained IT experts who have specialized in the topic of security in the IT environment. The SOC employees examine anomalies, identify security incidents and are responsible for the appropriate response to them.


Take the right action when a security incident occurs

  • Process security incidents efficiently

    If our SOC specialists actually encounter a security incident in the security monitoring process, a so-called "incident", they take care of the next steps ad hoc. Depending on the customer's requirements, these steps range from basic information to the customer's relevant contact persons and concrete recommendations for action to direct intervention or permanent monitoring of the incident until its final resolution.

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