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Stagebild LP AWS Security Offerings

Professional Security Services for AWS

Securely positioned in the public cloud with the AWS experts from Arvato Systems

Hiijacking of cloud services, DDos attacks, malware, side-channel attacks, DoS attacks and more - digital threats and dangers are increasing rapidly. Cloud hyperscalers provide a high level of infrastructure security, but what happens above the infrastructure layer is the responsibility of the user themselves.

When it comes to security, the principle is "shared responsibility": Amazon Web Services is responsible for protecting the infrastructure in which cloud services are run. This includes hardware, software, the network and facilities.

However, the responsibility for the security of the cloud services used lies with you and depends on the expert configuration of the services that you carry out. This includes, among other things, the management of your own data including encryption concepts, the classification of assets and sensible handling of authorizations and roles.

Our Security Services Start Where the Hyperscaler Leaves Off

Bild LP AWS Security Offerings

As a trusted partner, we support our customers in making their cloud secure. 

We help you uncover security gaps, fix them professionally and, if you wish, we can provide 24/7 protection for your cloud IT with the Arvato Systems SOC.  

We Secure You - Our Portfolio for Your Security

You want to uncover security vulnerabilities in your AWS architecture?


Initial situation: Your cloud has grown pragmatically and you want to align it with current security requirements, or your requirements have increased and you want to increase the security level of your cloud.

Our service: We conduct a professional security review of your landscape.

Result: You receive a compilation of potential risk and danger points, including optimization proposals, which we can implement for you on request (secUpgrade).

You want to quickly fix already known security vulnerabilities? 


Initial situation: You have already identified specific vulnerabilities yourself or together with us and now want to eliminate them quickly.

Our service: We get to work and bring your infrastructure up to a professional security level as part of a project or a POC.

Result: Vulnerabilities are eliminated and a security level according to current standards is established.

Want to professionally protect your AWS architecture around the clock? 


Initial situation: You have your cloud at a professional security level and would like this to be ensured 24/7. 

Our service: We have your AWS architecture permanently and professionally managed by our Security Operations Center (SOC) and thus provide you with comprehensive protection against attacks and threats. 

Result: Your platform is professionally monitored and analyzed around the clock. This means that incidents can be responded to immediately.

Arvato Systems - with Expertise for Amazon Web Services

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Arvato Systems leverages the necessary AWS tools, expertise and frameworks to help you secure your Amazon Web Services, giving you full visibility and control. Leave the security of your cloud to the AWS experts at Arvato Systems. With our years of experience, we know the challenges and pitfalls of cloud security and can carefully work around them.

We make sure you can use AWS's innovative services securely while you focus on your core business.


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In the AWS Cloud, you work in an environment trusted by the most security organizations in the world. So your mission-critical data is protected without sacrificing control, speed, or performance. You have a combination of workload isolation, 256-bit encryption, identity and access management, API call logging, and other features to keep your data safe.  AWS has 27 independently validated security accreditations and is designed to meet regulatory requirements across a broad range of industries.

In „The Forrester Wave(TM): Public Cloud Platform Service Providers' Security, Q4 2014“ AWS is ranked first because of its great strength in the areas of data center security, security certifications, storage and data security.

Your Contact for Security Services for AWS

The Arvato Systems Security Team