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Bayerische Staatsforsten AöR

Highly available, low-cost SAP operation


Arvato Systems migrated and has operated a highly available SAP system environment encompassing a total of 21 systems for several years at Bayerische Staatsforsten. This service includes basic support and administration.

Benefits for Bayerische Staatsforsten

Customized application landscape
Flexible term
Flexible quality standards and resource requirements
Lower costs associated with a standard solution
Initial situation

Bayerischen Staatsforsten uses a complex SAP landscape for all essential business processes. The company has integrated its own forestry application into SAP ERP to map special forestry business processes.
Bayerischen Staatsforsten operates the SAP system landscape themselves, with the exception of SAP Basis Technology administration, which is outsourced to a service provider.


The company maps all business processes in a new, highly available SAP landscape, which is provided and operated by Arvato Systems.

Arvato Systems is responsible for the installation, rebuilding, setup and configuration of the SAP systems (including servers, operating systems and databases). In addition, Arvato Systems is responsible for the necessary operating services and basic support.


In close coordination with the customer, Arvato Systems develops a concept for efficient SAP outsourcing before and after the successful transition and takes over the operation and all services for the software and hardware components of the entire system landscape based on a highly available VMware cluster and 3Par storage technology.

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