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Bertelsmann Collaboration Platform develops into a wide-reaching community

Event platform Arvato Systems Alive is an important component of BCP


Arvato Systems supported Bertelsmann in the development and optimization of the Bertelsmann Collaboration Platform (BCP), a high-reach community event platform. By integrating Arvato Systems Alive as a central building block, the BCP was able to successfully run hybrid events, seamlessly share knowledge and promote internal exchange. The platform recorded an increase from 1,500 to around 6,000 registered users, with hybrid events such as the annual Tech & Data Summit being particularly successful.

Customer benefits

As part of the "Future Workplace" program, Arvato Systems is making a significant contribution to the Bertelsmann Group's cloud transformation with the introduction and operation of the Digital Workplace - not least thanks to the IT specialist's many years of experience and high service quality.

Bertelsmann now benefits from a wide range of advantages:

Increasing number of users
Efficient collaboration
Professional event organization
International reach
Initial situation

The BCP began with the first Tech & Data Week Since then, it has developed into a valuable tool for the Bertelsmann Group. Employees from all areas are invited to use the BCP to further their education and share knowledge - both by participating in interactive communities and via news feeds, blog articles, project presentations, innovation camps and hybrid live events. hybrid live events.


Bertelsmann wanted to promote the internal exchange of knowledge and cross-location collaboration. The means to this end was to be the BCP, via which hybrid events with international speakers from different locations can be both transmitted and consumed.

The solution

The BCP as a tool for knowledge transfer, collaboration and internal communication is an ongoing project. It is made up of various apps, such as event calendars, communities, blogs and ChatGPT, as well as the API Marketplace. The BCP is designed so that users can create and publish a wide range of their own content. For example, Bertelsmann employees have the opportunity to report in blog posts and articles on what they are currently working on and how other units can benefit from it. Some APIs developed by employees make it into the platform's own marketplace so that other units can install the API - which increases the efficiency of collaboration. The ChatGPT module is particularly popular. This is a non-public version that runs on its own domain. This means that internal company information is secure at all times.

Download case study

You can find more details about this project in our case study for download.

The Bertelsmann customer

Bertelsmann SE &Co KGaA, headquartered in Gütersloh, is an international media, services and education company with 145,000 employees in around 50 countries around the world. The Bertelsmann Group includes the entertainment company RTL Group, the book publishing group Penguin Random House, the music company BMG, the service provider Arvato, the Bertelsmann Printing Group, the Bertelsmann Education Group and the international fund network Bertelsmann Investments.