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Experience-Driven Commerce with Salesforce and Coremedia

International Jewelry Manufacturer

Jewelry Manufacturer Places its Trust in Arvato Systems and CoreMedia


For a long time it was common to run and manage both shop and brand websites on different platforms. In the meantime, this strategy is outdated as companies are wasting so much potential, such as a high conversion rate. Potential customers could only research the products on the brand website. When they clicked a piece of jewelry they were redirected to the website for the online shop, thus landing in another domain.

The Customer

Founded in 1982, the international jewelry manufacturer soon realized the importance of selling jewelry online. That is why the company set up an eCommerce platform for the European market in 2011 and gradually expanded it to other countries.

Customer Benefits

Optimal user experience in the online shop
Higher conversion rate and sales
Integration of CoreMedia and Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Considerably streamlined introduction times for digital campaigns

Project Overview

Background Situation

After extensive consultation from Arvato Systems, the jewelry manufacturer opted for the CoreMedia Content Management System. Arvato Systems is a Platinum Partner of this CMS manufacturer. The jewelry manufacturer was impressed by the IT service provider's outstanding expertise, tailored adaptions, and ability to integrate the CMS into the existing Salesforce Commerce solution in an uncomplicated manner.


Throughout the year, the jewelry manufacturer wanted to deliver various marketing campaigns on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, for example. The company needed attractive campaign pages in order to implement such activities. CoreMedia recommended implementing the CMS in stages for the project, which both project partners were able to implement efficiently and in a results-oriented manner.


The jewelry manufacturer can now deliver the content as required thanks to the combination of online store and marketing content. Eventually both websites will be completely merged. Arvato Systems will remain the company's partner for the further expansion of the eCommerce strategy using CoreMedia.

Figures, Data, Facts

Salesforce Commerce Cloud
The intelligent end-to-end solution for B2C eCommerce
Content Experience Platform
Optimized Shopping Experience
Combination of online store and marketing content

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