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DEGES - Deutsche Einheit-Verkehrsstraßenplanungs und -bau GmbH (German Unified Road Planning and Construction Company)

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DEGES (Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau GmbH) is a company that specializes in the planning and construction of trunk roads in Germany. Arvato Systems has been supporting the customer in the area of SAP and various IT services since 2016. With many years of experience and expertise, DEGES makes a significant contribution to the development and modernization of the German road network.

Customer Benefits

Map business processes flexibly and securely
Smooth and predictable system updates
Better performance of your business processes
Shorter transaction times
Manage growing data volumes efficiently

Project Overview

Initial situation

In SAP S/4 HANA, the SAP business partner is the central master data object for all natural and legal persons who have a business relationship with a company, such as customers, suppliers or employees. DEGES plans to switch to the SAP business partner in ERP in 2023 in order to qualify for an S/4 HANA conversion. For this conversion, not only will the SAP business partner be introduced as a new master data object, but Customer Vendor Integration (CVI) will also be set up to keep the business partner tables synchronized with the customer and vendor tables. The business partner is an additional object, while the other master data tables remain unchanged, even under S/4 HANA.

Our vision

Together with DEGES, we developed and analyzed the upcoming challenges resulting from the introduction of the business partner. To this end, an initial workshop was held in 2022 with Arvato Systems and the specialist contacts at DEGES. At this workshop, SAP's approach and the various steps for switching to business partners were presented. It was suggested that a harmonized approach should be used in which master data is cleansed. Number assignment, account groups and groupings were cited as examples of such harmonization.

The solution

The heart of a successful GP conversion in an existing ERP system is a well-founded concept. Important steps here are the development of a concept document for customizing, the planning of the procedure with the business partners, the synchronization, the provision of a findings list and a review by the DEGES project team.

About DEGES - Deutsche Einheit-Verkehrsstraßenplanungs und -bau GmbH

As a project management company, DEGES implements complex transport infrastructure projects. In doing so, it performs the function of client and principal (without sovereign tasks).

In a complex and interlinked project and quality management system, DEGES coordinates, optimizes and controls the services of external companies in the areas of planning, land acquisition, construction supervision and execution as well as other selected service providers. The purpose of the company is planning and construction implementation (construction preparation and construction supervision) including land acquisition of federal trunk roads or significant parts thereof within the framework of contract management on the basis of the in-house model. The same applies to comparable transport infrastructure projects for which the shareholders are responsible for construction, including associated tasks.

The task of DEGES is therefore to plan infrastructure projects economically, manage them in line with costs, accept the construction measures, ensure invoicing and hand over the finished structures on time and in high quality.

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