From Zero to Azure in Eleven Days

SAP Migration to the Cloud for financial service provider AirPlus

Transformation of IT Systems and Operations in the Cloud for AirPlus


As a multi-cloud service integrator, Arvato Systems knows exactly what it takes to successfully operate SAP systems in the cloud. Building, maintaining and commissioning complex IT landscapes is part of the service provider's core business. With over 40 years of SAP project and operational experience, Arvato Systems has extensive expertise in SAP implementation. Thanks to Infrastructure-as-Code, managed with Terraform, every step up to SAP installation is available as code and reproducible at the touch of a button. An automated deployment of the CI/CD pipeline based on Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services is possible after technical approval - and thus meets the highest governance requirements.

Just in Time

The required systems were ready on time and delays in the SAP implementation project were avoided.

DEV System in the Cloud

Flexible implementation of the global SAP landscape.

QA Systems in the Cloud

Adaptable, cost-effective customizing for agile tests and developments.

Project Overview

Background Situation

AirPlus was in a major transformation project to implement a global cloud strategy. The aim was to use the entire application landscape – 170 applications from areas such as business, finance, CRM and ERP – using technologies such as Big Data in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. A decisive milestone in the implementation of this ambitious transformation project was a global SAP implementation project. Arvato Systems completed the implementation within just eleven working days, ensuring compliance with the entire project planning.


AirPlus wanted to be able to act faster, more agile and more flexible in a rapid market environment. The solution was expected to reduce IT costs, optimize internal processes and enable future-oriented and flexible action.


Thanks to good teamwork and the specialists of Arvato Systems, the project was completed in a very short time. After just four days, the entire infrastructure including networks, virtual machines and database-as-a-service, was up and running. Within only eleven working days, 31 servers and eleven fully configured SAP systems equipped with backup data were set up. This ensured the timely start of the global SAP implementation project.

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