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gematik was founded as the National Agency for Digital Medicine by the leading associations of service providers and payers in the German healthcare system. Its goal and mission was to introduce the electronic health card (eGK) and to establish and further develop a secure telematics infrastructure (TI). gematik has relied on the expertise and experience of Arvato Systems in this complex project since 2013.

The Advantages

Digitization of the German healthcare system
Networking of all stakeholders in the healthcare system
Improvement of transparency, quality & efficiency
Simplification of information exchange
Use of faster & more secure communication channels
Initial Situation

The introduction of the Electronic Health Insurance Card (eGK), including the establishment of a telematics infrastructure (TI), was decided by the legislature through the "Act to Modernize Statutory Health Insurance" and is regulated in the Social Code (§§ 291, 291a SGB V). gematik was founded by the leading associations of healthcare providers and payers with the aim of introducing the eGK and the TI to modernize the German healthcare system. In the course of introducing the eGK, an interoperable and compatible information, communications and security infrastructure required for this purpose will be established as a nationwide "health telematics" system in the German healthcare system.


A uniform and central TI links all participants in the German healthcare system. Data can thus be exchanged and processed electronically in a secure, fast and simple manner. The goal of the new "Arena for Digital Medicine" is to increase user-friendliness with the help of TI 2.0 and to consolidate the future of digital healthcare thanks to interoperable interfaces. As with TI 1.0, the aspects of security and stability are already the focus of all considerations. The goal is to continue to provide a scalable infrastructure to ensure secure data exchange across organizations within the healthcare system.


The TI includes many highly integrated components: complex public key infrastructures (PKI) used for digital encryption and signatures, wide area networks (WAN) designed for secure data transmission over long distances, data center services, and software development and distribution. All components and services are quality-assured and operated in Arvato Systems' German data centers. In addition, a unique security management system was developed and implemented for the overall security of the TI. Within this framework, Arvato Systems is responsible for developing, setting up, and operating the central infrastructure services and environments, such as the central network with infrastructure services, public key infrastructures (PKI), and other central services in terms of end-to-end responsibility (online rollout (stage 1), lot 3). Furthermore, the connection of the KV-SafeNet backbone as an example for existing networks of the service providers is part of the order.


Here you can download the case study.

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