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Tradition Meets Modernity – an Overall Goal for a Future-Oriented It System Architecture for GOLDNER


GOLDNER communicates its brand values of high quality, perfect fit, variety of sizes, and consultation to clients via all of its media channels. This means an IT system architecture that is oriented towards the future is an absolute necessity for the company to be able to continue communicating with its clients. But how do you assess how this architecture should look exactly?

This is where Arvato Systems stepped in and provided support with determining where there is potential for optimization in line with the fashion best practices model. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were defined to measure and evaluate the future viability and performance of the IT architecture. Arvato Systems used this as a basis to develop a list of criteria to factually evaluate the applications to be replaced and the IT application development plan (IT architecture sketch). The development of basic principles for the non-functional requirements of a flexible and scalable architecture based on reference architectures was also a focus. A fit-gap analysis of these requirements on both a functional and a technical level provided information as to which software solutions would be appropriate. And last but not least, the specialists from Arvato Systems calculated the production and licensing costs as well as the set-up and operating costs for the relevant solutions.

Customer Benefits

Transparency on the productivity of internal workflows
Overview of the efficiency of existing production processes
Knowledge of the necessary technological application
Overall goal of a future-oriented IT system architecture
Sustainable process optimization
Unlocking all potentials for success
Background Situation

GOLDNER wanted to both secure its brand value and increase its market shares in the long term using innovative system-supported core processes. A future-oriented IT system architecture is a crucial part of securing competitive advantages.


The desired expansion of market shares and optimization of business processes meant that the existing IT system landscape had to be analyzed and a target application and process landscape had to be designed. As part of this, Arvato Systems worked on the value stream mapping / value stream design. Value stream mapping is an economic method for improving process management in production and service provision. It is also referred to as the value stream mapping of an actual state.


A tender was initiated based on the results of the IT strategy and business process analysis in which both the determination of control and requirements specification of the respective service providers were ensured. As part of this, Arvato Systems carried out a system process evaluation and classified the results according to the risk they posed, with the focus being the creation of a decision proposal for the corresponding courses of action.


GOLDNER GmbH is a mail order business for women’s fashion in the upper price segment based in Münchberg in Upper Franconia, Germany. The company employs around 500 workers and operates in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. With its focus on perfect fit and fashion that is “like tailor-made,” AGS is best known for its own size chart with 25 different sizes, which makes it stand apart from the conventional clothing sizes.

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