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Consistently High Picking Performance

MAINCOR Rohrsysteme

The Highest Performance When it Counts


Many companies still rely on paper-based processes in intralogistics that struggle to meet today’s requirements. Paper has many disadvantages compared to paperless methods in regard to the execution of picking, replenishment, goods receipt, or goods issue processes, such as loss of productivity or a lack of transparency.

However, many companies are faced with a problem since flexible processes and dynamic staff deployment are essential levers for reacting to the volatility and dynamics of the markets. platbricks Mobile Solutions shows that the digitalization of the supply chain – and therefore paperless logistics – can be economical and fast.

Background Situation

Tradespeople order the products needed on the construction sites from MAINCOR through its online shop. The challenge is to deliver the right products at the right time, in the right quantity, at the right place, in the right quality. Compliance with 5R is especially important for MAINCOR, since tradespeople cannot do their work if mistakes are made. That’s why logistics must be perfect and cost efficient.


Zero-error picking must be guaranteed when the products are delivered to the construction site. A consistently high picking performance is also essential and this needs to be reflected in the technology. At the same time, the technology must be economically viable for smaller companies.


platbricks communicates with the Infor AS ERP system via an interface. To configure the platbricks app and the platbricks control center, a detailed process consultation was conducted and a joint decision was made to select the appropriate end devices for the client. Short training sessions (under 10 minutes) and the International Service Desk enable the quality of the picking processes to meet a very high standard. In addition, the picking performance is also increased significantly.

The flexibility, scalability and real-time capability of platbricks is guaranteed by Microsoft Azure. For Maincor platbricks uses Microsoft Azure App Services and Azure Database Services.

The conception and implementation phase for the integration of platbricks at the Schweinfurt site only took one month from start to finish.


Picking errors are eliminated and performance is improved
High efficiency is ensured through SaaS approach
Warehouse transparency is established
Short training phases for employees through intuitive operation of control center and app
Short implementation period


MAINCOR Rohrsysteme GmbH & Co KG, located in Schweinfurt, Germany, consists of the two business divisions Pipe Systems Building Solutions (heating and sanitation) and Piping Systems Industry (industrial applications). MAINCOR employs a total of approximately 270 members of staff at its Knetzgau location, where it manufactures plastic pipes for a wide range of different applications. The product range spans from pipes for the automotive, industrial, and white-goods sectors to heating and sanitation equipment, to plastic surface finishing in the nanostructure range (fluorination).

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