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A textbook case of a Azure Cloud Transformation

Majorel deploys the service turbo with the transformation to the cloud

More speed and flexibility for one of the world’s largest customer experience providers

Majorel is one of the world's largest service providers for customer experience management. In Germany alone, around 6,000 dedicated experts take care of every imaginable form of customer service. For this to succeed, their IT must provide flexible solutions over and over again - often in a breathtakingly short time. In traditional on-premises operations, this model reached its natural limits. Further scaling was hardly an option. As part of a holistic cloud-first strategy, Majorel commissioned Arvato Systems to transform its IT infrastructure.

The rest is history: in less than 180 days, the company made the switch to the cloud.

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We wanted more speed and flexibility; the results were beyond our expectations. Today, we can deploy new services much faster. What used to take weeks to months is now done in hours or a few days.

Project Overview

Backround Situation

The customer experience business is incredibly fast paced. It's not uncommon for Majorel's experts to negotiate, set up and go live with a new service within a few days. To do this, IT has to do some heavy lifting on the back end. Within a very short time, the necessary tools must be provided, set up and adapted to the task at hand. Customer data has to be transferred and prepared. Majorel uses an internal platform called "Iposo" for project setups. This provides the service agents with all the applications they need for the job.


For Majorel, it was clear that the speed and requirements for highly flexible and individual services would once again increase significantly. A projection of future demand brought clarity: this would not be possible with classic on premises solutions. As early as 2019, the decision was therefore made to implement a cloud-first strategy, for more flexibility, better scalability, and transparent cost management. Soon after, Arvato Systems was commissioned to transplant the heart of Majorel's service quality, the “Iposo” platform, to the cloud.


For the design of the suitable cloud environment, Arvato Systems performed an in-depth case-based assessment of the leading hyperscalers. Following the evaluation, Microsoft Azure was found to be the most feasible solution. In a "greenfield" approach, the old state was not simply restored into the new environment. Instead, the cloud's capabilities consistently defined the new architecture. With success: in less than 180 days, "Iposo" was completely cloudified, with more than 100 apps lifted into the cloud. Today, Arvato Systems also bears operational responsibility for the cloud environment, including release planning for all solutions on the Azure platform. This is a win-win-win situation for the specialist department, Majorel's customers and the service staff.

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Majorel stands for unique service experiences worldwide, at any time, on any channel, and in a way that fits their brand. 63,000 employees in 30 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, and Asia are ambassadors of a modern, individual customer experience - in more than 35 languages.

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