Arvato Conversational AI and AWS Services for McDonald's

AWS-based chatbot for modern customer engagement businesses

Arvato Conversational AI - AWS-Based Chatbot for an Improved Customer Experience

Arvato Conversational AI is the optimal cloud-based solution for intelligent chatbots. The strong user orientation and uncomplicated integration into websites make it easier to digitize relevant customer queries and have them processed purely system-supported. Integrating a callback function with AWS Connect enables direct communication with a service employee. The detailed reporting provides information about various KPIs of the chatbot.


Reduction of customer support costs
Significant increase in support quality within the company
Answering simple customer concerns 24/7 directly and in seconds
Communication as customers are used to

Project Overview

Initial situation

Customers increasingly prefer conversation options that solve their customers' problems immediately. Complaints are high priority: Questions answered with an online information service and self-service can distract from the timely resolution of high-priority issues and should be avoided. Apps are becoming increasingly important for customers to resolve concerns directly in an engaging self-service format.


At McDonald's, a chatbot is used as the sole contact channel (doorman). It opens up a new way to offer information and self-service content. This is intended to create a dialog experience that replaces or extends the traditional email form. To support the launch of a globally launched app, questions will be answered in FAQ style or dialogue. The chatbot will be infused with personality and Eastereggs to appeal to the target audience. To be able to help directly in urgent cases, a callback function will be integrated to get in touch with a service representative immediately.


The chatbot for McDonald's was built using Arvato Conversational AI and AWS Services and linked to the customer care backend system. A callback support was integrated using AWS Connect to resolve customer concerns that the chatbot cannot help with. The chatbot solution completely replaces the existing email-based contact form with an interactive chat that can answer many of the customer's questions directly.


Arvato Systems Conversational AI

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