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Implementation of SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA


Reimplementation of Existing SAP ERP Systems on Basis of SAP HANA


Digital transformation is more than an evolutionary change – it impacts all of a company’s core business processes. Today and in the future, selecting the right IT environment will be a vital factor in successful implementation. 

Customer Benefits

Service- and future-oriented platform for handling business processes
SAP variant configuration reduces the need for master data maintenance
Improved communication between order management and the customer during order processing
Improved efficiency with concurrent cost reduction
More transparency in procurement, production, and sales processes
SAO Fiori applications make system development easier in active productive operation
Background Situation

The existing SAP ERP R/3 system was replaced with SAP S/4HANA. The processes mapped in the old system no longer met the latest requirements, especially in regard to the variant configuration of the products sold. The existing controlling evaluations were also no longer comprehensive enough for effective corporate management. Arvato Systems is able to provide all services specified in the project. Arvato Systems also already has experience with SAP HANA technology thanks to other successfully implemented projects in the SAP HANA environment.


The introduction of SAP S/4HANA at PRÜFTECHNIK will enable the company to benefit from further developments to this business suite announced by SAP in the future. The renewal of the digital core, the concurrent orientation toward SAP standard processes, and the introduction of SAP Fiori open up the possibility of fulfilling Client-specific system requirements also by using SAP Fiori apps, without modifying the ERP core. In addition, SAP transactions can be handled in succession using SAP Fiori apps during active operation, if necessary, leading to a modern user experience.


The requirements for the SAP S/4HANA solution were defined on the basis of preselected SAP best practices as part of a combined business blueprint and pilot phase. After the realization phase, the majority of the work lay in cleansing the material masters and setting up the variant configuration data as preparation for the transfer to the new SAP environment at PRÜFTECHNIK. During the migration, Arvato Systems provided technical support and contributed its process expertise gained over the course of the project. Once the data was cleansed, Arvato Systems continued the project with an intensive test phase and then the go-live. In addition, Arvato Systems supported PRÜFTECHNIK in the redesign of its business processes, the associated change management, and the data migration from the old system.

Our Services

Within the scope of project management, Arvato Systems provided project leadership, risk management, project controlling, reporting, and intensive, stringent change request management. PRÜFTECHNIK’s business requirements were established and defined on the basis of SAP best practices as part of the business blueprint phase. The related process redesign meant PRÜFTECHNIK required change management supported by Arvato Systems, especially in terms of variant configuration and controlling.

About PRÜFTECHNIK Dieter Busch

PRÜFTECHNIK offers its customers innovative solutions in the areas of machine alignment, machine monitoring, and non-destructive material testing, providing them with intelligent and precise measuring and testing systems. PRÜFTECHNIK employs over 600 people worldwide across different business units. Almost half of its employees work in the research and development unit.

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