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Usability tests at Schüco

Because user-friendliness is no coincidence

Testing the Usability of a Website at an Early Stage with a Click Dummy

To address private builders, Schüco has adapted its website accordingly. A click dummy provides information early in the project as to whether future users will interact with the website as desired.

Customer Benefits

Conception, design and implementation of a website area
Conception and execution of usability tests
Use of special prototyping software
Checking website usability with an interactive click dummy
Evaluation and preparation of the results in a quadrant overview
Derivation and implementation of demand-oriented optimization measures

Project Overview

Initial situation

Schüco again relied on Arvato Systems for the website expansion: The IT service provider conceived, designed, and technically implemented the new website area and was responsible for planning and conducting the usability tests.


The new website area underlines Schüco's quality claim as a premium manufacturer and market leader both visually and functionally. The goal: an intuitive website that speaks for itself just as much as the high-quality Schüco products.


Arvato Systems developed the test concept and tested the website's user-friendliness with a click dummy that simulates the subsequent user journey. On this basis, target-oriented adjustments were possible in the further course of the project.


The usability test gives us the certainty that we are on the right track with the website navigation and module design. The feedback from the testers has given us valuable impetus.


The Customer Schüco

The Schüco Group, headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany, develops and sells system solutions for windows, doors and façades. The market leader in innovative building envelopes is active in more than 80 countries and employs around 6,330 people worldwide. Around the globe, 10,000 tradesmen and 30,000 architects and builders who commission the construction of a building work with Schüco.

Case Study for Download

For more information about this project, please see our Case Study.


Content management with system

Keeping track of all channels and delivering content to different touchpoints requires a powerful content management system.

UX conception and UI design

For brands to be digitally compelling, the user experience (UX) must be professionally conceived and the user interface (UI) must be equally expertly designed.

Schüco shows it all

i.NNOVATIONNOW has successfully shifted the trade fair experience 100 percent into the digital space and made products a virtual experience.

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