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In addition to products and services related to shell construction, finishing, roofing, wood and deco wood, tiles, construction elements, civil engineering, tools, occupational safety, and gardening and landscaping, STARK is best known for its digital presentation forms, its innovative planning tools, and its digital ordering service, which is different from the usual providers. 

For these processes to run smoothly, it is necessary to take a joint look at the current status, risks, and the future. Especially against the background of the new strategic corporate orientation at STARK, it is very important that everyone has the same picture of the future. 

Customer Benefits

Gives transparency about the potentials of stable and scalable business processes and data management processes
Promotes the overarching and unified vision of the future 
Strengthens the will to implement and ensure sustainable process optimization and success potentials 
Martin Knüppel

Future builder strategy focusing on "Strong partner for customers", digitization, and sustainability. The brand values of quality, sustainability, and advice are communicated to customers via all media channels.

STARK Deutschland GmbH

Project Overview

Initial Situation

Against the backdrop of the company's new strategic orientation, it was necessary to optimize overarching responsibilities in the processes, master data and pricing within strategy workshops - to reduce local optimization in silos and to identify potential for digitization and automation. 

  • Support the management team through development and sparring, in the approach to ensure responsible handling of data (maintenance) and perspective ensuring cross-cutting analytics capabilities. 

  • Creation of transparency about existing risks and joint development of solutions 

  • Derivation of a criteria catalog for a factual evaluation of the processes to be optimized 


Against the background of the results of the workshops and working groups, a common understanding for the future (vision-goal-path) and the approach was first formulated with the participants. On the basis of the developed conception, responsibilities for functional-technical requirements and KPI definition were defined in project profiles, with dependencies on further functions. 

About STARK Deutschland GmbH

STARK Deutschland GmbH is a trader for building supplies and part of the Danish STARK Group based in Offenbach am Main. It employs approx. 5100 people in 220 branches nationwide and is active not only in Germany but also in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Greenland. 

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