Strategic Sustainability Management With green.screen

The Carbon Footprint Under Control

Professional Energy, Plant and Environmental Management for Greater Sustainability

The carbon footprint of companies is a puzzle picture. Development, production, IT, administration, sales, and logistics consume energy and resources and thus influence the CO2 balance. Only holistic, strategic sustainability management helps to provide an accurate overall picture - and opens up the scope for action. Strategic sustainability management is increasingly becoming the key to a successful future for companies in all sectors. With green.screen, the complete solution for energy, plant, and environmental management from Arvato Systems, you take this key into your own hands.

Companies must make their contribution to climate protection. However, strategic sustainability management with green.screen enables much more:

Absolute energy consumption and cost transparency
Increasing energy efficiency
Reduction of specific energy consumption
Providing current and future evidence of environmental standards (ESG, energy management systems, digital product passport, ...)
Image gain through role model function

In short, resource-conserving action and the sustainable design of business processes become a tangible competitive advantage. Companies that invest in strategic sustainability management are making themselves fit for the future.

We support you with our complete green.screen solution!

Our cloud-based IoT environmental data platform enables you to record, monitor, control, and document all of your company's ecological and climate-relevant parameters:

  • Energy generation (electricity, heating, cooling, etc.)
  • Energy consumption
  • Waste generation (according to quantity and type)
  • Material consumption (and CO2 emissions associated with their production)
  • Fuel consumption for business trips by car, plane, train, etc.
  • Communications and IT (e.g., proportional energy consumption due to infrastructure operation and data center use)

With green.screen, you can make the consumption of energy and resources transparent throughout the company, optimize it and balance it holistically. You are fully informed about your company's energy situation and carbon footprint. This means you can provide information about it at any time and improve the CO2 balance in a targeted manner.

Your first steps to increasing sustainability

green.screen is designed as a set of function modules for different use cases for your climate impact management and is suitable for companies across all industries.

The function modules needed in a specific case can be flexibly combined to create customized solution and service packages.

Leverage your contribution to climate protection and let others know: green.screen users can provide accurate information about their current energy generation/consumption and their carbon footprint at any time.

green.screen | Technology and Functionality

With one click you can learn everything about the technology and functionality of green.screen on this page. 

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