FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform

Innovative and inspirational user experiences on all touchpoints

Impress Demanding Clients Across All Channels

Today’s clients are demanding. They expect to find information precisely tailored to their individual requirements on every channel and on every touchpoint. The FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a content platform on which people, processes, technologies, and channels can be seamlessly connected. Companies can easily create and efficiently maintain corporate content and individual customer experiences for websites, mobile, online shops, apps, digital signage, portals, intranets, and extranets.

Easily manage and publish target group-specific content

FirstSpirit DXP’s intuitive operation makes it suitable for users with limited technical knowledge as well. They can easily edit any content – from texts to multimedia content – in the user interface of a website directly in the browser. Switching to the backend is a thing of the past. The third-party systems with AI-based components integrated into FirstSpirit DXP allow you to output customized and contextually appropriate content to the right person, at the right time, and in the right context, regardless of channel or end device. The interactive images, graphics, and videos that appear grab the user’s attention and impress them. Integrated A/B tests enable various page variations to be reviewed, thus gradually improving conversion rates.

FirstSpirit DXP supports simple and streamlined editorial processes.
FirstSpirit DXP enables content to be output in a customized way based on AI.
FirstSpirit DXP creates perfectly synchronized omnichannel experiences.
FirstSpirit DXP can be expanded at any time thanks to its flexible architecture.
FirstSpirit DXP generates customized content and product recommendations.
Arvato Systems is a Certified Partner of FirstSpirit DXP manufacturer eSpirit.

Outstanding Content Management

Across All Channels

FirstSpirit DXP enables customized content to be precisely output on different touchpoints. The centralized data storage ensures a consistent market presence across all channels.


A range of AI functionalities allows users’ browsing behavior to be analyzed automatically. FirstSpirit DXP automatically provides the appropriate content based on the results.

Content as a service

Storing content in the cloud via an interface (REST API) and integrating text fragments into a page when needed allows you to create an efficient editorial process.


Thanks to Natural Language Generation (NLP), users can give products meaningful metadata. FirstSpirit DXP uses this metadata to generate dynamic, easy-to-read texts in different languages.


An integrated campaign management module ensures that local content can be presented in different target markets and across all sales channels in a uniform way worldwide.

Multi Cloud

As a multi-cloud integrator, Arvato Systems is able to integrate FirstSpirit DXP into any desired cloud platform. Strong partnerships with Microsoft AzureAmazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, as well as its own private cloud, make this possible.

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