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Inventory Forecast

Reliable forecasts thanks to AI

Optimal Inventory Levels Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Reliable inventory forecasts enable cost-efficient warehouse operations and higher customer satisfaction. Precise demand forecasts can reduce sales losses due to inventory losses in the long term. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, inventory forecasts can be predicted more reliably and accurately.

Case Overview

Initial situation

Storage costs are tied up capital that is not available to the company for other purposes. Therefore, companies always try to minimize storage costs and at the same time provide what their customers need in a timely manner. The goal is lean and responsive inventory.


Implementation of an intelligent inventory forecasting technique that enables lean and responsive inventory management. Using Artificial Intelligence, warehouses should be able to forecast sales and expected demand to ensure that the available inventory always meets customer requirements.


Using Artificial Intelligence, parameters influencing the inventory can be permanently evaluated and analysed. Thanks to machine learning methods, dependencies are identified from historical and current data and adapted for future forecasts.


Reduction of storage costs
Reduction of tied capital
Increase of customer satisfaction
Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) in der Logistik
Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Logistics

Find out about the possible use cases thanks to Artificial Intelligence in logistics and how they can help optimize your logistics processes.

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Expert for Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence