Arvato Systems implementiert automatische Validierung von Unterschriften durch ein neuronales Netzwerk

AI-Supported Signature Validation

Automatical verification of signatures by a neuronal network

An Arvato Systems AI-supported solution analyzes signatures and checks their plausibility. The signatures can then be inserted into any PDF document. This increases the acceptance of electronic signatures and helps to save verification and processing time in the back office.

Case Overview

Initial Situation

A person’s signature is highly individual and gives information about the originator of a declaration of intent, a legal document, or a piece of writing. It can be legally binding and therefore has to be verificated.


Signatures can be automatically verified by a neuronal network and repetition is requested if necessary so that processing time in back offices can be reduced.


With the Arvato Systems AI-supported solution consumers will be able to sign digitally on a smartphone or tablet more quickly than on paper. The signature is automatically verified by a neuronal network and repetition is requested if necessary. The digital signature can also be integrated into a PDF document. The automated quality check increases acceptance of the electronic signature and trust of the recipient of the PDF document. The option for digital signatures in PDF documents reduces additional verification and processing time in the back office by 75%, since manual visual checks can be reduced or eliminated and processes can be further automated.


Faster signature process and validation
Automated quality check
Reduction of processing times in backoffices

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