Smart Nameplate Recognition

Identification of machines and systems through intelligent nameplate recognition

EU directives make type plates on machines and motor vehicles mandatory. These must reflect fixed contents and data which can be used to identify machines and systems. For machines, for example, the following information must be available: manufacturer information, year of manufacture, series and designation of the machine, CE marking and serial number (if available).  

Case Overview

Initial situation

Type plates reflect the most important and essential information for identifying a machine or a motor vehicle. In larger industrial plants or factories, however, reading the plates can quickly become a time-consuming task.


Use of intelligent image recognition mechanisms for quick and easy readout of data on type plates without human intervention.


By means of an image recording of a type plate by an installed camera or a drone and an image recognition service, the type plate data can be read, stored and managed.


Fast data acquisition of machines and systems
Simpler inventory processes
Reduction of manual effort
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