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Self-Service BI - How to Successfully Introduce the Modern Approach

With Self-Service Business Intelligence (SSBI), employees from different departments can independently perform data analyses and create reports. This results in numerous advantages for your company - from cost reductions by relieving the IT department to a company-wide increase in efficiency. In contrast to the classic BI approach, in which the central control and management of the entire data volume fall to the IT department, the modern further development of the approach focuses on the business users in the individual departments.

The self-service BI approach initially suggests numerous advantages. However, professional preparation is essential for successful implementation. Find out more about the benefits and areas of application of SSBI below and learn how implementation with Arvato Systems can be successful.

The Advantages of SSBI at a Glance

Efficiency improvement

You can make business decisions faster with SSBI because employees can access data and create reports independently of the IT department. This increases efficiency and shortens time to market.

Cost reduction

Because employees can access and analyze data on their own, you need fewer IT staff to manage data access and processing.

Increased decision quality

The availability of real-time data enables employees to identify trends and make decisions based on data rather than relying on estimates.

Increased transparency

SSBI requires a standardized and consistent database - so that employees from different departments can work effectively with the data. This leads to greater transparency and compliance. In highly regulated industries such as healthcare, this is a decisive advantage.

Improved collaboration

Employees from different departments work together with data and analyses - this promotes interaction and leads to considered decisions.

This Is What Self-Service Business Intelligence Enables

Strategic advantages

Self-Service Business Intelligence proves to be extremely valuable on a strategic level: SSBI drives your digitization strategy and is a crucial part of your company's digital transformation. At the same time, SSBI fuels the company-wide speed of action and generates competitive advantages as well as crisis resilience.

Business advantages

Self-service business intelligence provides your organization with a 360-degree view of business data. The benefits add up as data volumes and sources grow. Simple reporting options for users increase the efficiency of reporting. This reduces the burden on your company's IT department and increases the technical knowledge of your employees.

Technical advantages

With SSBI, you can seamlessly integrate Microsoft services and products. Enterprise-wide governance concepts - from cloud deployment to individual data sets in reporting - can also be easily implemented with SSBI. At the same time, you can pursue cost-optimized license management with self-service BI - through differentiation in license determination with a view to end users and capacities.

The Implementation of SSBI in Your Company

Power BI is one of four tools of the Microsoft Power Platform, which enables the implementation of the Self-Service BI approach in your company. The tool is characterized by simple handling - the operation is intuitive, analogous to the familiar Office tools. With Power BI, your company's employees can easily access data in the cloud, create reports and share them with their colleagues. At the same time, requirements for data security and up-to-dateness are supported!

Do you have questions about Power BI or are you interested in the other tools of the Power Platform? Then please feel free to contact us or find out more about our Microsoft Power Platform offerings here.

Your Path to Digital Transformation With Arvato Systems

Arvato Systems accompanies you on your way to an optimal data strategy. Our experts provide reliable support for the digital transformation of your company. You benefit from the many years of experience and the comprehensive know-how of our experts along the reporting chain. Our support is tailored to your needs and wishes. Arvato Systems accompanies you through these steps - if required, from consulting to implementation and beyond. Your advantage: We deliver everything from a single source.


Data Management

Modern Tools & Applications

Process Automation with AI

Our consulting services include the replacement of decentralized reporting solutions and the implementation of self-service business intelligence solutions. In addition, we advise you on performance problems and carry out a comprehensive analysis.

The experts at Arvato Systems create the conditions for a successful implementation of the SSBI approach in your company. Take advantage of our data management services and get a clean and organized database - the effective basis for self-service BI.

Arvato Systems develops modern enterprise cloud data architectures.

With Business Intelligence & Process Mining, we determine the potential of your data inventory - for an internal, promising overview.

Our advanced analytics enable predictions about the future and thus improved business processes.

Arvato Systems enables further sustainable use of your database.

With Intelligent Automation, we implement the intelligence gained from this into the system interfaces and work processes of our customers - for maximum efficiency gains.


Arvato Systems accompanies you on your way to becoming a data-driven company. Our task here is to increase the value of your data and automate work processes. In this way, we jointly create the basis for the implementation of future-proof business models.

Arvato Systems

This is Where Self-Service BI Comes In

Self-service BI tools come into their own in areas where large volumes of data need to be analyzed and visualized quickly and easily. This allows employees from any department to work with data, even from different sources, in a simple and targeted manner.

Areas of Application of SSBI at a Glance

For example, you can use self-service business intelligence for financial, marketing, or personnel analysis. Business users, regardless of the area of application, generate the central advantages of the SSBI approach, such as a reduction in the workload of the IT department or a comprehensive increase in efficiency.

  • Financial Department
    With SSBI, you can integrate as well as analyze financial data from various sources, including accounting software, ERP systems, and bank data. Financial professionals can quickly access financial data and gain targeted insights into the company's numbers.
  • Marketing Department
    SSBI enables marketing business users to collect and analyze data from various sources. These include social media platforms, CRM systems, and web analytics tools. The effectiveness of marketing campaigns can thus be evaluated with just a few clicks.
  • Human Resources
    Use SSBI to collect and analyze workforce data from multiple sources, including HR management systems and time and attendance systems. HR managers get a comprehensive view of staffing needs and performance.

Self-Service Business Intelligence in Practice

Our customers are convinced of SSBI. In the following, we show you an example of how the self-service BI approach is used in practice:


„Platform Modernization – Logistics & Transportation“

The transformation of an existing on premises DWH/BI environment into a cloud data platform for BI & AI was made a reality by our experts.

By connecting different data sources (CRM, ERP, etc.), all business-critical information is in one place. Schmitz Cargobull is now ready for BI and AI.Davon profitiert das Unternehmen:

  • Savings in licensing and storage costs
  • Scalable SSOT-MVOTs architecture for Big Data
  • Efficiency gain in the realization of BI & AI cases

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Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Service Business Intelligence

  • What is the definition of the BI approach?

    The business intelligence approach encompasses technologies, processes and methods that transform data into actionable information that companies can use to make efficient decisions.

  • What are the core functions of Business Intelligence?

    The core functions of business intelligence include data integration (bringing together data from multiple sources), data analysis (using algorithms and statistical methods to identify patterns and trends in data), data visualization (transforming data into understandable, easily accessible visual representations, such as dashboards), and data delivery (making data and analytics available to end users to make informed decisions).

Your Contacts for Self-Service Business Intelligence

Volker Greaves
Expert for Data and Automation
Jonas König
Expert for Data and Automation