Data and AI workshop

Analyze data, automate processes with AI and unlock profitable potential

Analyzing data and taking workflows to the next level

Analyzing data effectively, automating processes effectively and increasing their efficiency through the use of artificial intelligence are both strategic and technological challenges that will determine the success of data-driven business models in the future. But how is the data landscape shaping up? What potential lies hidden in the existing data pool? And how can automation and AI be used to drive your own company forward? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our data and AI workshops.

Our workshops at a glance

ChatGPT & GenAI

Workshop: Generative AI & ChatGPT

Discover the potential of ChatGPT for your company and how you can automate processes, save resources, and increase customer satisfaction. Using practical application examples, you will develop initial ideas for use and work with our team, specializing in AI and machine learning, to create a tailor-made strategy for implementing generative AI solutions. 

Target group: senior and middle managers, product managers, innovation managers

Duration: 1 day

Data Governance

Workshop: Impulses for data governance

Managing data in compliance can be an opportunity. Our consulting team will provide a comprehensive overview of the fields of action, organization, technology, and implementation of a data governance project. We will provide the theoretical and practical tools to ensure data governance.

Target group: CIO, CDO, CDTO, data governance lead, internal data governance team

Duration: 2 days

Data Strategy & Data Assessment

Data Strategy & Analytics Assessment

Let us analyze your data infrastructure, uncover potential for modernization and derive the next steps. Based on your data infrastructure, our analytics experts will identify potential business risks and highlight strategic perspectives based on proven best practices.

Target group: IT decision-makers, IT managers, CIOs, CDOs and data managers

Duration: several weeks

AI on Azure Assessment

AI on Azure Assessment

Increase value with the help of AI. Our data and AI experts assess the status quo regarding data availability, formats, and quality. You will receive suggestions for the effective use of AI in the Azure Cloud, a customized AI application portfolio, and recommendations for data migration to Azure PaaS solutions.

Target group: senior and middle managers, product managers, innovation managers

Duration: 7 days


Hyperautomation Assessment

Together, we will develop solutions for hyperautomation that will drive your company forward. You will learn about hidden automation potential and develop an individual roadmap for the effective automation of your processes with our experts in AI, cognitive services, RPA, NLP, smart workflow engines, and process mining.

Target group: specialist departments, IT managers, innovation managers

Duration: 5 days

Your advantages

Derive your strategy for success
Analysis of your data infrastructure and identification of weaknesses
Identification of data science and AI potentials
Development of an individual roadmap
Prioritization of quick wins

Frequently asked questions about our workshops in the field of data and AI

  • What is the purpose of the various data and AI workshops?

    The workshops enable participants to gain an overview of their data, uncover optimization potential, clarify open questions, receive individual implementation recommendations, develop and implement tailor-made solutions and ultimately increase process efficiency through the use of AI in various use cases.

  • Who should attend our data and AI workshops?

    The workshops are aimed at all companies and organizations that are considering optimizing their processes according to their data infrastructure and using cloud-based AI solutions for this purpose. The workshops cover a range of topics - from data infrastructure analysis, data governance and data migration to hyperautomation and the use of generative AI.

  • What topics do our data and AI workshops focus on?

    The Data Strategy & Analytics Assessment workshop focuses on analysing the data infrastructure, uncovering modernization potential, identifying business risks and highlighting strategic perspectives, while the Impulses for Data Governance workshop provides the theoretical and practical tools required for data governance. The AI on Azure Assessment is all about data availability, formats and quality as well as the effective use of AI in the Azure Cloud. The Hyperautomation Assessment serves to identify automation potential in the company:
    and to develop a roadmap for process automation. Finally, the Generative AI & ChatGPT workshop looks at the potential of GenAI and how it can be used to automate processes, save resources and increase customer satisfaction.

  • What are the benefits of participating in our data and AI workshops?

    By participating in the workshops, companies and organizations get to know their data better in all its facets. They not only learn what potential is hidden in it, but also how they can leverage it using AI, automation and cloud solutions. Participants also receive individual recommendations and work with our team of experts to develop a tailored roadmap for implementing their preferred use cases.

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