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Less Complexity, Better Returns

Tabelle Uplift-Potentiale durch saubere Omni-Channel-Prozesse.
Uplift-Potentiale durch saubere Omni-Channel-Prozesse / Quelle: IHL

According to a study by IHL, professional Omnichannel processes are crucial for improved results in retail. From Click & Collect to Ship-to-Store and ROPIS, implementing a high-performance solution is highly recommended.

Stores in Transition: Reducing Space, Improving Margins

The place where the order is made is no longer also the place where the goods are delivered. The place of the order can be a store, a marketplace, an e-shop or even a social network or a voice assistant. The place from which the item reaches the end customer can be a store, an e-commerce warehouse, a central warehouse, a dropshipper or another trading partner. In the age of growing E-Commerce, many retailers are therefore rethinking their store concepts in order to become more profitable.

One interesting option is to reduce store inventory and switch to showrooming, where customers get items delivered by post. aroma® mediates between the orderer and the delivery location, taking into account relevant parameters such as time, costs, customer status, and inventory. In addition, the Instore Module enables store employees to take orders and process them optimally. The aroma® order management system is an important enabler for this. With the help of the aroma® in-store module, store employees can easily take orders from end customers, which are then executed via the optimal route in each case (e.g. by shipping from a warehouse).

Advantages for Retail Companies

Reduction of store inventories
Optimization of store costs
Increase in sales and margins

Easy Integration of Retail Outsourcing Partners

Logistics, customer service, and financial processes represent major cost blocks in E-Commerce and Omnichannel. International retailers often work with external outsourcing partners. It is essential to be able to connect these partners quickly and easily and to replace them when necessary.


With aroma®, you achieve this flexibility and make yourself independent of external logistics partners. You can also easily integrate or exchange service providers in your process chain.

Save It Costs With aroma®

The simplified IT architecture of aroma® enables resources to be optimized. By providing a comprehensive Suite of functions and tools on a single platform, companies can use their IT resources more effectively and minimize the effort required to manage different software solutions. This leads to significant savings in terms of both license fees and maintenance costs.

The Unified Commerce Suite for Your Success


aroma® was developed by Arvato Systems, based on decades of experience and its own requirements. Due to large outsourcing businesses and complex financial processes worldwide, extensive know-how has been incorporated into the development. In close cooperation with retailers, the system was further developed and supplemented by the Prices and Promotion Engine as well as the Instore Module, so that all tasks can be realized efficiently and cost-effectively - from practice for practice.

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