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Generative AI in Logistics

Increase efficiency and shape the future

Testing Generative AI in Practice

Generative AI has revolutionized various areas in a very short space of time and opens up a wide range of opportunities to have a lasting impact on the logistics industry.


In contrast to traditional AI, which solves specific tasks using predefined rules, Generative AI learns from large data sets and can flexibly handle a wide range of tasks. Generative AI in conjunction with a warehouse management system (WMS) enables a wide range of possibilities, from querying and visualizing individual key figures to analysing complex processes.


To test the benefits of Generative AI in practice, we cordially invite you to become part of our Generative AI Community! Experience a new dimension of efficiency and precision in the management of your logistics processes with our GenAI in our cloud-based warehouse management system platbricks®


Contact us to find out more about our Generative AI Community and shape the future of logistics together!

Advantages of Generative AI in logistics

Key figures and visualizations on request
Improved use of existing data
Precise results through text input
Intuitive use through disruptive user interface
Flexible use cases

Generative AI in Logistics

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Your Contacts for Generative AI in Logistics

Bernd Jaschinski-Schürmann
Head of Digital Supply Chain Management & Platform Business
André Haff
Digital Supply Chain & Platform Business Development