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Production Supply

Ensure production processes are secure


Process Efficiency in Your Production Supply


platbricks Production Supply ensures the balance between security of supply, low inventory levels, and short reaction times in terms of lean production, taking into account the ever-increasing complexity and variety of products. Continuously digitalizing your supply processes with platbricks increases process efficiency and saves costs.


platbricks Production Supply uses smart devices to optimize operational processes within a production warehouse.

The essential components in the control center are:

  • Mapping of production supply areas, including product-supported administration
  • Integration of route trains for timely supply and disposal of materials and containers through mobile apps for tablets, scanners, smartphones, and the like, and mapping of different routes
  • Mapping of different supply strategies such as Kanban/JIT/JIS strategies
  • Integration of IoT sensors for automatic replenishment control at the assembly workstation
  • Integration of different supply warehouse types (stations, dynamic racks, pallet racks, block warehouse, supermarkets etc.) for efficient replenishment
  • Expansion to a comprehensive production supply concept through standardized supply processes and suitable container concepts for each supply class

platbricks works independent of manufacturer and hardware


Process optimization and cost savings through consistent digitalization
Seamless integration of IoT devices
Simple mapping of various supply strategies for optimal process control
Transparent cost model and fast ROI
Highly flexible and scalable

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Bernd Jaschinski-Schürmann
Expert for Logistics IT
Michael Dreimann
Michael Dreimann
Expert for Logistics IT