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Amazon DynamoDB

Flexible NoSQL database service from the Cloud


Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a database that can provision arbitrarily large amounts of data in a very short time. It is a fully managed, multi-region database with built-in security, back-up service and recovery, and in-memory caching for web applications. DynamoDB can handle more than 10 trillion requests per day and support load spikes of more than 20 million calls per second.

DynamoDB excels in scalability and performance. As a result, enterprises use DynamoDB especially for applications that require low-latency data access at any scale, such as mobile, web, gaming, ad tech, IoT applications. 

Usage of DynamoDB:

Web application without server: Use DynamoDB in the development of high-performance web applications that scale up or down automatically. No servers to manage and applications benefit from automatic high availability.

Mobile back-ends: DynamoDB and AWS AppSync in the development of interactive mobile and web apps with real-time updates, offline data access, and data synchronization with built-in conflict resolution.

Microservices: Using DynamoDB in the development of flexible and reusable microservices as a serverless data store to achieve consistent and fast performance.

The advantages of Amazon DynamoDB at a glance


DynamoDB provides consistent, single-digit millisecond response times at any scale. This allows applications to be developed with almost unlimited throughput and memory. DynamoDB's global tables replicate data across multiple AWS regions to provide fast, local access to data for globally distributed applications. For use cases that require even faster access with microsecond latency, DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) provides a fully managed in-memory cache.

No server management

DynamoDB is serverless, so there are no servers to deploy, patch, or manage. It also eliminates the need to install software, associated maintenance and operations. Availability and fault tolerance are already built into the solution and do not need to be considered separately in application architecture choices. DynamoDB offers both provisioned and on-demand capacity modes, so costs can be optimized.

Enterprise ready

DynamoDB supports ACID transactions so that business-critical applications can be built at scale. DynamoDB encrypts all data by default and provides granular identity and access control for all tables. Full backups of hundreds of terabytes of data can be created without performance degradation and restored at any time within the last 35 days with no downtime.  DynamoDB table data can also be exported to a data lake in Amazon S3 to perform analytics at any scale. DynamoDB is also complemented by a service level agreement for assured availability.

We implement Amazon DynamoDB for you!

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The implementation of Amazon DynamoDB has already been carried out in many projects by the experts of the Arvato Systems AWS Business Group. Through our experience, we know what needs to be considered when integrating Amazon DynamoDB and what protection is required for this service.

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