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AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda, the serverless comput service from AWS


AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service. With Lambda, code can run without having to provision or manage servers, create cluster scaling logic appropriate for the workload, maintain event integrations, or manage runtimes. With Lambda, code for almost any application type or back-end service can be run without administration.

To do this, the code is uploaded as a ZIP file or container image, Lambda automatically and accurately allocates and executes compute based on the incoming request or event.

The code can be set up to be automatically triggered by over 200 AWS services and SaaS applications, or it can be called directly from any web or mobile app. Lambda functions can be written in your preferred language (Node.js, Python, Go, Java, and more) and use both serverless and container tools like AWS SAM or Docker CLI to build, test, and deploy functions.

This is how AWS Lambda works:


The advantages of AWS Lambda at a glance

No server management

AWS Lambda runs code automatically without the need to provision or manage servers or infrastructure. The code is uploaded to Lambda either as a ZIP file or as a container image.

Flexible scaling

AWS Lambda automatically scales by executing code in response to each event. The code executes in parallel and processes each event individually, scaling precisely based on the size of the processing load, from a few requests per day to hundreds of thousands per second.


With AWS Lambda, only the compute time consumed is billed. Over-provisioned infrastructure does not have to be paid for. The billing unit is 100-ms in which the code is executed and the number of times the code is triggered. Additional savings can be achieved with the Compute Savings Plan.

Reliable performance

With AWS Lambda, code execution times can be optimized by choosing the right memory size for the function. Through provisioned concurrency, functions can be initialized and kept hyper-ready to respond within double-digit milliseconds.

We implement AWS Lambda for you!

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AWS Lambda is supported by the experts of the Arvato Systems AWS Business Group according to proven and common best practices. AWS Lambda is used as a core service for real-time data processing in our serverless development projects. In particular, we have often integrated AWS Lambda with web applications to create high-performance web applications that scale automatically, are highly available, and require little to no management.

In these projects, we have integrated AWS Lambda:

CMS in the cloud

Cloud advantages for the content management of Radio NRW: Highly available and scalable from the AWS cloud.


Modern data management for VNR: Process data faster and use it more easily thanks to AWS services.

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