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API Management With Apigee

For a fast & secure implementation of new digital business models

Accelerate Digital Business Models With Apigee API Management From Google

Apigee API Management from Google Cloud Platform enables you to quickly and flexibly build new digital business models while securely leveraging your existing IT systems. Open your digital services to new target groups via APIs without fundamentally changing your existing legacy systems.

Arvato Systems fully supports you on the path to providing and expanding your digital services via Apigee API Management - from conceptual design, through setup and transition, to ongoing operation. Of course, we take your requirements into account and assume responsibility for the professional maintenance, integrated monitoring, and further development of your systems. This allows you to focus entirely on your value-adding core processes.

Your Advantages With Apigee API Management From Google


Apigee API Management supports the rights- and role-based provision of data: User-specific access to information and services is centrally defined (authorization and authentication).


The necessary security measures are implemented centrally with Apigee API Management and apply uniformly to all connected data and systems. This means they are protected from unauthorized access at all times.


Apigee API Management significantly reduces the time-to-market for launching digital business models. This allows you to react to changing market conditions at the required speed.


Apigee API Management optimizes and opens up new digital business models for a wide range of audiences - both internally for your employees and externally for your customers and partners. This is how you establish new ways of collaboration.


With Apigee API Management, you can connect a wide variety of APIs quickly, easily, and flexibly, taking into account existing compliance, enterprise, and security infrastructure. This gives you the flexibility to deliver your digital services to your target audiences as needed.


Make customizations to your APIs directly in Apigee, saving time and money instead of laboriously developing and testing these customizations in your legacy IT systems.

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Our experts have several years of extensive experience in designing, building, implementing, and operating API Management-based solutions. Arvato Systems itself uses API Management to continuously optimize its digital services and make them available to customers.

Our Services Around API Management With Apigee

Consulting and Conception

Together with you, we develop a concept for building an API Management Platform with Apigee. By conducting architecture workshops, we create the conceptual basis for the step-by-step migration of your digital services into Apigee.

Proof of Concept

Would you like to gain first experiences with the API Management Platform Apigee? We support you in the context of a proof of concept with our many years of experience and offer you the opportunity to try out the procedure and the added values.

Managed Services

With our Managed Apigee Services, we take responsibility for the professional maintenance, integrated monitoring as well as further development of your digital services within the API Management Platform. This gives you the freedom to focus on your core business.


Whether in the Google Cloud, as a hybrid or on-premises version, we take care of setting up your Apigee API Management Platform for you. Based on your specific requirements, we configure and customize Apigee for you - including the integrated developer portal - and set up secure access to your backend systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions About API Management With Apigee

  • What does API Management mean?

    Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are program interfaces that provide access to a company's data and services. They make corporate assets available across different applications. API Management, therefore, describes the process of developing, monitoring, and publishing programming interfaces. It aims to enable organizations to secure, scale, control, analyze, and monetize an API.

  • What is Apigee?

    Apigee is a platform through which companies can develop and manage APIs. It acts as a proxy that provides security to the interface provider and provides rights management, transformations, monitoring, analytics, and more.

  • API Management helps you control the governance of your API programs. For example, you can control access, API customization, monetization, analytics, and monitoring straightforwardly and consistently. In practice, API Management makes your systems reliable, performant, and flexible.

  • With Apigee API Management from Google, you gain these advantages:
    - User-specific access to data and services is centrally defined.
    - Apigee API Management secures all data and systems connected to an interface.
    - Thanks to a shorter time-to-market when launching new digital business models, you can react quickly to market changes with API Apigee.
    - You can customize your APIs directly in Apigee to save costs instead of developing them in your legacy IT systems.
    - API Management optimizes existing and enables new digital business models - internally and externally.
    - With Apigee, you can connect different APIs to deliver your digital services to target groups on demand.
    - With Apigee, you can combine APIs into one product and monetize it.
    - You can use Apigee to monitor your APIs and analyze API usage.
    Apigee API Management provides developers with up-to-date information, documentation, and test access to the APIs you offer.

  • Arvato Systems supports you in providing and expanding your digital services via Apigee API Management. We take care of all the essential steps for you - from conceptual design to set-up and ongoing operation. And: We maintain, monitor, and further develop your systems.

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