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Google Classroom

Google Classroom helps students and teachers organize assignments online, foster collaboration, and improve communication

Make Lessons More Cooperative and Effective
Important Features of Google Classroom
GSuite for Education

Making Online Teaching More Effective, Collaborative and Meaningful For Schools

With Google Classroom, you can create learning and practice assignments for performance assessments online in a paperless way, distribute them to students, and manage learning outcomes. Teachers simply distribute an assignment via a Google document through Google Classroom, and all students then work on the document simultaneously and collaboratively. So students work on the assignments on the computer - either as homework or in assigned work times during the school day - and can communicate electronically with the teacher if there are any problems or queries. Once completed, they submit the assignments electronically to the teacher.

Google developed Classroom with teachers to create a user-friendly tool for completing and managing assignments. This enables teachers to create lessons, assign practice tasks or tests to students, provide feedback - all in one place.

Make Lessons More Cooperative and Effective

Efficient management for teachers

With easy setup and integration with G Suite for Education, Google Classroom streamlines everyday tasks. Teachers can focus on what's important - teaching.

Use free tools for learning management

Google Classroom is free for schools and part of G Suite for Education, which meets the highest security standards.

Work from any device - anywhere, anytime

With Google Classroom, teachers and students can log in, access assignments and lesson materials, and read and give feedback from any PC or mobile device.

More time for meaningful feedback

Instructors can track student progress to provide additional feedback at the right time. Simplified workflows leave more time for constructive and targeted tips.

Google Classroom provides everything teachers and students need to collaborate better.

Important Features of Google Classroom

Provide faster and better feedback with comment history
Assign and grade exercises securely, reuse them, and work on them together
Initiate and comment on class discussions and motivate students to participate
Task overview for keeping track of materials and resources
People overview for viewing and managing teacher colleagues, students, and guardians
Avoid distractions with quiz features in lockdown mode
Many apps recommended by teachers integrate easily with Google Classroom

GSuite for Education

For schools, Google Classroom is particularly interesting in combination with other GSuite services such as Calendar, Hangouts and GMail. As a school, it makes sense to use not only Google Classroom but also GSuite for Education in its entirety.

GSuite for Education is a free offer from Google to schools and other educational institutions. Students and teachers get GSuite accounts, if desired GMail email addresses and access to all GSuite applications including Google Classroom.

In principle, GSuite can be run on all devices that have a browser. If you want to provide students and teachers with the same, simple, inexpensive and low-maintenance devices, Chromebooks are a good choice.

All important GSuite services are available:

  • Google Drive for file storage
  • Google Docs for (shared) editing of documents
  • Google Classroom for handing out and collecting work assignments
  • Google Hangouts for online distance learning

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