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Rise with SAP

Business Transformation in a Complete Package

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What is SAP RISE?
Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud
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SAP Rise Accelerates Your Business Transformation


Many companies have had to recognize that business transformation is a highly complex and comprehensive process that places high demands on them. With "Rise with SAP", SAP RISE for short, SAP now offers a holistic operating model that companies can use to significantly accelerate their business transformation.

At its core, SAP RISE reduces your transformation project on the SAP side to three key objectives:

PREMIER VALUE - maximum value creation for your project

SIMPLIFIED ENGAGEMENT - pragmatic approach

GUIDED JOURNEY - we prepare the optimal path for your project

SAP RISE is, so to speak, SAP's concierge service for digital transformation. This makes "Business Transformation as a Service" possible for the first time.

What is SAP RISE?

SAP RISE is a bundle of software and services. At its core is the ERP system SAP S/4HANA, provided in the SaaS model and thus in the cloud. You can choose between the SAP Public Cloud Edition or SAP Private Cloud Edition.

This gives you a modern SaaS ERP system that can be tailored to your own needs. A comprehensive "Commercial Construct" is offered around this core. Compared to the highly structured traditional approach, this package is significantly simplified and flexible, yet just as powerful. It consists of

  • Software & Support
  • Technical Management
  • Infrastructure Management

SAP RISE includes using the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTB) - this enables the outsourcing of developments. Through SAP BTB, SAP and SAP partners can deliver innovations - examples include the areas of

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Last but not least, SAP BTB is an important tool for integrating SAP and non-SAP systems and can be used for collaboration with other companies in the area of purchasing and supply chain. To analyze the business processes used, reports (Business Process Intelligence) can support in the RISE model. In addition, as a customer, you can choose a hyperscaler for the infrastructure, with technical management delivered by SAP.

Comparison public cloud vs. private cloud

  • The public cloud edition is the "Rise with SAP" offering for standard-oriented customers. Customizing options - as known from the classic SAP ERP world - are not possible here. This model is attractive for companies with low process complexity or on-premise customers with a  SAP public cloud solution in a branch office (e.g. abroad). The model is also very interesting for start-ups.
    SAP best practice processes are used in this model, implying that only a greenfield approach can be selected as the migration path here. All other services mentioned above are also included in this model.

    Four release upgrades per year are mandatory, with test automation tools included. These ensure optimal preparation for the release change. Each release includes new innovations or the mapping of additional countries or lines of business, which means that the range of functions is constantly expanding.  
    The public cloud variant offers a favorable TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), if only because of the limited expansion options.

  • Rise with SAP is a classic subscription model and includes the components listed above. As a customer, you can choose a term of up to 60 months, during which an upgrade to a newer S/4HANA version is mandatory (once in 5 years). Both brownfield and greenfield approaches are suitable as a conversion strategy.

    In addition to the additional RISE services such as  

    • SAP BTP  
    • Business Process Intelligence  
    • Business Network  

    S/4HANA can be operated like an on-premise or any-premise system. This offers particular advantages to companies with extensive customizations in their existing ECC system: The enhancements are S/4HANA-compliant and can continue to be operated. High process variance and flexibility in extensibility are therefore possible here.

S/4HANA Cloud Offering from SAP

Your advantages with SAP RISE

Modern SaaS Solution

In the SaaS approach, SAP applications are provided as a software service. So you don't have to worry about care and maintenance - if there are problems, you delegate them to SAP. This relieves your IT department and saves nerves and costs.

Cost-Effective Subscription Model

In the SaaS approach, SAP solutions are billed in a subscription model - so you only pay for what you actually need. Another advantage is that, in balance sheet terms, such subscription fees are operating costs. The model also minimizes upfront costs.

Continuous Innovation

The SaaS model makes it possible - the IT environment for your business processes is always
up-to-date with SAP RISE. This is ensured by up to four releases per year. Since these are available immediately via the cloud, the high costs associated with traditional upgrades are eliminated.

The End of Shelfware

Probably every company has licenses for software that is hardly used or no longer used at all - this famous "shelfware" is a notorious cost trap. SAP RISE puts an end to this: You always have an overview of the usage of your software licenses.

Software Bundles

You can obtain additions to SAP S/4HANA required by your company in practical software bundles. Examples from the world of Arvato Systems are Aqount (Finance) and platbricks (Logistics). Since everything is offered in the SaaS model, integration is easy.


The best comes at the end: All these advantages ultimately lead to a very cost-effective solution for your entire company during operation. In this way, you keep the operating costs of your IT environment, the "Total Cost of Ownership", in check.

Why Arvato Systems

Arvato Systems is the leading enabler when it comes to business transformation in companies based on SAP solutions. The Arvato Systems team always has its finger on the pulse of best practices, trends and innovations - for example, the integration of useful add-ons such as the cloud products from the SAP CX (Customer Experience) portfolio.

This also applies to SAP RISE. We are in intensive exchange with SAP in order to fully develop the comprehensive benefits of SAP RISE for our customers.

In addition, Arvato Systems offers innovative in-house developments that can also be integrated into your SAP environment under SAP RISE. Examples are platbricks for complex and time-critical logistics processes or Aqount for optimizing payment processes in omnichannel commerce. This enables you to tap into high potentials in terms of time and cost efficiency.

S/4HANA Cloud - Rise with SAP - Grafik

SAP RISE Onboarding Workshop

We offer you an overview of the current RISE with SAP offering in a 2-hour workshop. This is what you get out of it:

  • Overview "RISE with SAP"
  • Assessment of your current SAP implementation
  • Comparison of the different operating models with your key data
  • Outlook on a possible transition / conversion "RISE with SAP" with SAP S/4HANA

SAP RISE Onboarding-Workshop

Find out if SAP RISE is the right initiative for you in an approx. 2-hour consultation!

Deep Dive

What Does the New SAP Initiative Mean for the ERP Digitization Strategy?

Many customers and partners are currently involved in SAP's RISE initiative. This blog article provides an overview of how and on which levels Arvato Systems is dealing with RISE as a business partner of SAP but also in its customer role (Bertelsmann).

SAP Rise - A Comparison of the Different Operating Models

The paths to the cloud with SAP S/4HANA are becoming increasingly diverse. Not least the recent launch of the RISE with SAP initiative opens up new approaches. This blog post is intended to provide a little information about the different operating models.

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Although SAP S/4HANA has been on the market for several years now, the concrete use cases & added values are not yet clear to many. A white paper provides the answer. Download it now for free!

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