SAP S/4HANA for Fashion and Vertical Business

Comprehensive vertical integration

Learn to Read Your Customers’ Minds!

Few industries are as emotional and fast-paced as the fashion industry. Changing consumer expectations with respect to communication, purchasing experience, and touchpoints bring about a new level of complexity. At the same time, companies on the market are undergoing a digital transformation. The fashion supply chain, which is often referred to as ‘sheep to shop,’ has largely stayed the same, but with an increasing level of complexity. The trend toward digitalization in sales and marketing as well as production and procurement presents new challenges for fashion IT.

Challenges for Companies


Retailers are entering into value creation processes traditionally allotted to producers. They are developing their own brands and selling products using their established sales channels. Manufacturers are frequently taking on the role of retailers and selling their collections in their own stores or directly to end customers over the Internet. More and more companies that have been organized vertically from the outset are entering the market. They cover the entire fashion process chain – or supply chain – on their own. Previously there was specialized IT for manufacturers and retailers, but these highly specific processes no longer exist. With the right IT solution, you can manage the verticalization of your entire value creation chain and provide optimum support for all of the necessary functional processes.

Retail, Wholesale, and Manufacturing, All from a Single Source


The vision for SAP S/4HANA for Fashion and Vertical Business is the solution for ‘complete vertical integration.’ The SAP solution for fashion companies is well-suited to the diverse range of complex challenges of the industry and retains the necessary flexibility to meet new requirements. Integrating all of a fashion retailer’s channels requires ONE IT platform including a cross-channel integration layer. This solution provides you with maximum transparency and a seamless customer experience across all channels, e.g., so that customers can check availability on the fashion retailer’s website and purchase products over all channels.

Benefits of SAP S/4HANA for Fashion and Vertical Business

Real-Time Insights

Provides real-time information based on common data and forecasts

Customer Retention

Provides customers with the perfect customer journey across all touchpoints, both online and offline


Enables expansions for new business models based on a stable IT platform


Simplifies the IT landscape and business processes needed to implement innovations


Facilitates fast responses based on information and insights in real time


Harmonizes all processes with one another – from planning and purchasing to sales and campaigns

Everything from a Single Source


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