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The Digital Solution for Farm Management and Transport Logistics


The Cost-Effective & Simple Software Solution for Your Operational Processes in Agriculture

Driven by agriculture, we develop an intelligent and intuitive software solution for our customers. With farmpilot you can easily plan your resources and orders all year. After having transferred the data to the farmpilot-App, the position and status details will be sent already while working. Thereby, you can have an overview of your machines, fleets and the progress of the task in real-time. 

With the transferred data you do not only ensure an efficient employment of machines and employees but you also receive a suitable proof of their work.

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Your Benefits

Application-oriented & cost-efficient pricing model
Secure data retention
Practice-oriented development
Customization possibilities
Solution independent of manufacturer
Agile software development

Useful Functions and Applications at a Glance

Vehicle Groups

The farmpilot-App

Dynamic Task Sets

Working Time Recording


Live Overview

Low Price Models

Vehicle Groups

Improve the productivity of your employees and machines sustainably by combining your vehicles in groups. No matter if in a fleet or a process chain - the members of a vehicle group can see each other’s locations, directions and working status.

The farmpilot-App

As you cannot optimize your logical processes without your drivers’ acceptance, we regard the farmpilot-App as a key success factor. The App has been designed to be user-friendly and contemporary, so that every single function is easy-to-use and intuitive.

Dynamic Task Sets

React flexibly to your customer’s wishes. Regardless of whether you planned your tasks as orders or campaign, farmpilot’s dynamic task sets enable you to make adjustments while work is in progress.

Working Time Recording

Make the time-consuming evaluation of your driver's timesheets easier. All your employees can record their working time with the farmpilot-App. Thereby, this information is directly available in the portal.


You can easily get an overview of the completed work of your business. With the farmpilot-App you do not only document not your activities and those of your employees but also the activities of your machines. With the flexible reporting possibilities you can consider and evaluate your processes from different viewpoints.

Live Overview

See the current position and location history of your vehicles at a glance  in a real-time map. At the same time, the feedback from work in progress ensures planning security and process overview.

Low Price Models

Benefit from the favourable and variable price model which farmpilot offers you!

Pricing Models

What does it cost to use farmpilot?

You can choose between these two license types:

farmpilot - monthly license

22,50 EUR per terminal and calendar month

We stay true to our previous tariff model. You only have to pay if you use farmpilot. It will be easier for you, because no matter if it is a forager or transport vehicle - everyone pays the same price.

farmpilot - annual license

225,00 EUR per terminal

If you use farmpilot with your terminal 10 months a year or more, than it is worth an annual license. You can save up about 20% compared to the monthly invoice. You can purchase a annual license at the beginning of each month.

Our Customers

Industrial Companies and Communities who need to plan their resources and tasks and also require status updates in real-time.

Food producers who connect their service providers to create transparency.

Contractors, machine rings and biogas plants that control their vehicle groups efficiently.


"With farmpilot, we have found a tool which helps us with the planning, monitoring, evaluation and documentation of big interorganizational tasks - such as 3.000 ha of cultan fertilization. With farmpilot we are making significant progress toward the goal of realizing efficient machine employment."

Maschinenring Wetterau e.V.

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