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Implement Websites Easily & Securely Thanks to Microsoft Power Pages
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You can develop enterprise-class business websites with Microsoft Power Pages without using complex program code. Low-code development is fast to implement, provides comprehensive website functionality, and is professional and secure.

What is Power Pages?
Power Pages as part of Power Platform
Connect Power Pages with Express Design

What Is Power Pages?

Power Pages is a low-code, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that lets you easily create and manage websites - optimized for desktop and mobile devices. For this purpose, Microsoft provides various templates and ready-made websites that can be customized. The new platform focuses on business sites where companies can effectively and securely provide data, services, and business processes with little effort.

The development of business websites often involves the programming of various functions as well as services. It is, therefore, complex to implement in the corporate environment, prone to security vulnerabilities, and expensive. Microsoft makes working with Power Pages as easy as possible - you need little or no programming skills.

Power Pages as Part of the Power Platform Family From Microsoft

Currently, Power Pages is still a subcategory of Power Apps. However, from the end of 2022, the service will be available as one of five standalone services in the Power Platform family. These will include:

  1. Power Pages for business website development,
  2. Power Apps for application development,
  3. Power Automate for workflow automation,
  4. Power BI for business data analysis, and
  5. Power Virtual Agents for intelligent chatbots, for example, for Microsoft Teams.

Power Platform services can also access data from the Microsoft Dataverse. The Dataverse is an intelligent, secure, and scalable low-code data platform. It enables data that can be used in the Power Platform to be stored and managed securely. Once the information is stored in the Dataverse, you can model, visualize, and analyze it. You can also create data lists. Access is via role-based permissions with maximum security. You determine what data you store in the dataverse and specify who should have access to it. Websites you create with Power Pages can also access the data in the dataverse.

The different areas of the Power Platform work closely together. You can ideally combine their functions.

What Are the Advantages of Power Pages

Using Power Pages offers you numerous advantages, including:

Develop comprehensive business websites with as little or no code as possible (low-code applications).
Easily add text, images, videos, forms, and applications without programming web pages
Implement business websites cost-effectively and securely with Power Pages
Customize Power Pages features to fit the user experience
Give websites a state-of-the-art look
Easily extend the functionality of pages through numerous interfaces
Seamlessly connect to servicPower Platform or Microsoft Azure services t writing extensive code.
Connect to Microsoft Dataverse because Power Pages is built on Microsoft Azure
Improve collaboration across teams, internal and external members, or partnerships
Leverage site security features from Microsoft Azure, for example, Front Door, Azure DDoS Protection, and other web application firewalls that Power Pages supports

These Are the Components of Power Pages

Easy development of websites is enabled by the following components of Power Pages:

Design Studio

Die Zentrale von Power Pages ist das Design Studio. Es ermöglicht die Gestaltung der Websites ohne oder mit wenig Code.

Template Hub

In addition, there are numerous templates and ready-made websites for your use. Microsoft makes these available via the Template Hub.

Learning Hub

In addition, the Learning Hub has tutorials and tips that make it even easier to develop websites using Design Studio with Power Pages. Here you'll find numerous step-by-step tutorials.

Even though the platform is centrally about developing websites without code, Microsoft also supports programmers. The Pro Developer tools enable the optional connection of Power Pages to Microsoft Visual Studio or to platforms such as GitHub or Azure DevOps. This allows for advanced functionality to be developed. Visual Studio Code Extensions for Power Pages enable developers to embed business logic into websites built with Power Pages.

Connect Power Pages With Express Design - The New Feature in Power Apps

The new Express Design feature also lets you integrate a machine learning system that quickly and easily creates an intelligent website based on Power Pages from various documents. The system uses PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, or other documents for this purpose. Express Design can even process screenshots and derive their new website's functions. This makes the creation process even easier. The service is also helpful if you want to create project websites with which external people can work.

Arvato Systems supports you with the integration

The introduction of Power Pages should be done together with experts who have the technical background knowledge and can make the best use of the functional range of Power Pages and the other Microsoft services of the Power Platform family. This way, you also benefit from synergies.

At Arvato Systems, we help you tap into internally stored data that you want to use for your website and present it in an attractive way via Power Pages. This also allows you to integrate external parties into business processes. Examples are processes with partnerships, websites for frequently asked questions (FAQs) or customer self-services.

Of course, we pay attention to security, data protection and professional application lifecycle management. Compliance with governance guidelines ensures that you only publish selected data. We evaluate the project, implement Power Pages in your company and support you in creating and managing your new websites. At the same time, you reduce media discontinuity and streamline your processes.

We have accompanied the development of the Power Platform since its inception. Draw on our experience with user experience design (UX design) and user interface design (UI design) as well as the implementation of applications and use it to build modern and interactive corporate websites.

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