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Connecting Machines offers enormous advantages for your company: The transparency you create in the production enables more efficient management and additional services for your customers. The IoT capability of a product paves the way for new value-added services and revenue increases. Many different connection standards, secure IT/OT communication (Internet of Things/Operational Technology), and integration into existing processes and reporting represent a significant challenge in practice. With our partner TTTech Industrial in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and a strong partner network for hardware and device management, we can provide you comprehensive support and advice for the introduction or even optimization of Connected Machines. 

Connected Machines in Practice

Your Challenge

A heterogeneous machinery distributed across several locations and responsibilities can pose a challenge for fast transformation projects: How can equipment of different classes and vintages be networked and monitored in a structured way? What added value does the acquired data generate, and how do you attract skilled personnel to address further developments or malfunctions?

The Vision

The target is to connect Machines as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. We rely on technology that adapts flexibly to your individual needs and not vice versa. By quickly capturing, analyzing and interpreting data, you can optimize existing processes and respond quickly to unforeseen events to ensure smooth operation.

Our Solution

We offer you a complete solution: setting up data infrastructures is one of our strengths - our network of partners contributes the necessary hardware (e.g., edge devices) and management software. In addition, we train your employees and provide tools that allow even non-IT experts to run data analyses. If required, we can take over the operation of your infrastructure.

Advantages for You as a Manufacturing Company

Increase transparency

The key to responding to a volatile environment is transparency - the comprehensive and transparent insight into your production. We make visible and thus controllable.

Improve efficiency

Machine data helps you become more efficient: For example, through automated replenishment, production planning, or predictive models using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Boost production quality

Connected Machines themselves check the completeness of work steps or the correct production flow. In this way, you close the gap between planning and reality.

Raise the level of automation

The better machines are integrated, the more options arise. For example, automated quality control or the creation of Digital Twins.

Enabling new business models

In addition to connecting your own machines, your products can also be delivered to customers IoT-enabled. The basis for new sales and additional services.

Offer new value-added services

Use the data from your sold machines to learn and to create new services for your customers.

Connected Machines - 5 Challenges From Your Daily Business

Our Services for Your Success

  • We bundle the competence from strategy finding to the operation of your solution. We provide you with a broad portfolio, from setting up the right IT infrastructure to integration and modern data management. At the same time, we support you in connecting Machines and utilizing the data gained and advise you on new, revenue-generating business models and services

  • We can do many things, but not everything. That's why we specifically complement our solutions and services with those of market-leading companies from our strong partner network. Our target is to create an optimal and individual solution for you. We are your central point of contact and will guide you fairly, solution-oriented, and at eye level. For you, this means reduced risk, clear project responsibilities, and the certainty of receiving a modern and future-proof solution.

  • We accompany you not only with the vision but go the entire way with you: From the first solution sketch about the implementation to the successful use in your company. Even beyond that, we are at your side. In doing so, we are committed to finding practical, implementable, and cost-effective solutions that we advocate with conviction.

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