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New Business Models in the Manufacturing Industry

How to expand value and get more from your core business

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The use of innovative technologies enables the meaningful expansion of your own traditional value creation and even the development of completely new business areas. In addition to the exploitation of your own data, these include new digital product features (such as networking via IIoT), digital value-added services or even rental models or equipment as a service for your customers. There are two major challenges: The technical basis and implementation competence on the one hand, organizational tensions on the other. In the context of a Digital Transformation, two worlds collide - companies that best combine their core business and their ability (and speed) to innovate will continue to be successful in the future.

New Business Models in Practice

Your Challenge

Customer demands are becoming increasingly individualized. This poses challenges for making the company's own production more flexible. However, it also creates new potential for continuing to interact with customers after the sale of the company's own products and thus generating further sales through service business.

The Vision

The target of Industry 4.0 is connected production and the resulting transparency. Connected machines enable granular control of production orders, so that individual production can be carried out according to customer requirements. Connected products offer you a new insight into the use of your products after the sale. This allows products to be improved and new value-added services to be developed.

Our Solution

We support you in both the technical and the functional implementation. We can take over the connection of machines for you, in addition we bring in our know-how in the context of meaningful connected products (Industrial Internet of Things) - furthermore, we bring in the necessary innovation expertise to build up new business models and to integrate them organizationally to help you achieve more growth.

Benefits for You as a Manufacturing Company

New value streams

Connected products provide the starting point for new growth areas. At the same time, new data is obtained that offers great innovation potential, e.g., for the digital refinement of existing or entirely new products.

Lot size one

Produce individually for each customer. With the right IT architecture, targeted production control becomes possible, enabling new flexibility and product variation.

Service as a new growth driver

Stay in business with your customers after the sale. Use data from connected products to develop new digital value-added services with and for your customers.

Leverage platform economy

Use your data treasure and networking with third parties. Whether your own platform or new business on existing platforms. New growth markets are waiting for you in the digital world.

Your products in a new context

Connect your products with third parties and develop holistic solutions for your customers together with partners. Future growth also comes from cooperation.

Software complements hardware

Connectivity is also creating new opportunities to develop digital products. Software solutions scale cost-effectively and harbor revenue potential.

New Business Models – 5 Challenges from Your Daily Business

Our Services for Your Success

  • You know your business better than anyone - we bring the technology experience. Together, we develop a results-oriented strategy for your growth plans. In doing so, we create the conditions for you to develop your own digital products and services. We have extensive experience in innovation management and create a change and organizational development strategy, which is essential for any transformation of your own business model.

  • We enable you to develop new product and service ideas quickly and agilely in the future and to test them in the market at an early stage. IT in Industry 4.0 is an "enabler" for business - we establish the guard rails together with you. Modern infrastructure and clear operational concepts create the basis for successful innovation.

  • Innovations always go hand in hand with investments and thus a certain risk. Minimize this with the help of our flexible operational offerings. We take over the management, maintenance and further development of your basic systems so that you can concentrate on your core processes.

Your Contact for the Manufacturing Industry

Achim Reupert
Expert for the Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry